US’ Horoscope Promising Change in 2011 and Beyond

Just as people are born with astrological signs, so too can countries have a sign over them as they progress.  And so when it comes to the United States, many people wonder when the exact date of the country’s birth was.  Astrologers have commonly pointed to July 4th 1776 as the birthday of the USA.  And this birthday has followed the country through history allowing several major historical events to fall on days of astrological significance.  But what does this mean for the coming year?  Will the forces of the universe be right for a bright future?  Or do we have disaster written in the stars?

Astrologers have often cited the war in Iraq as being caused by a transiting Uranus being in close proximity to Mars (the god of war).  The result is a more combative and volatile situation for the country.  The transition started in April of 2008 and lasted several months, but the war started years before.  But when we take into consideration the amount of bloodshed, it was much higher during this period than any other.  Astrology has shown in this case that the increase in violence may be related to the Earth’s position in relation to Mars.  A similar surge was seen in 1966 during the Vietnam war.  The troop surge in both cases happened while the US was squared with Uranus in transit with Mars.

And while the US’ ties with China are coming under increasing scrutiny from the international community in light of a global financial crisis, many are suggesting a coming storm will hit China financially that could result in only further disabling the world economy in 2011.  With the increase of pressure from the international community for China to produce, the stars according to many astrologers.

But it isn’t all doom and gloom.  In the coming decade with pluto passing through Capricorn there are many possibilities for industrial changes, the massive possibility of a new religion or form of spirituality coming to light, the benefits of cleaner and more efficient energy suddenly being developed and changing everything we know about the world’s economics, and the possibility of life taking another rush toward humanity’s destiny toward the stars.  Of course first we’ll have to contend with major economic and industrial hardship in the next few years.

On April 9th of this year Uranus will be at zero degrees of declination for the first time since 1969.  And according to astrologer Terry Nazon in an article for the examiner that means the combination of Uranus’ declination and other factors could mean a disaster or near miss with NASA spacecraft and other forms of travel on this day.  Other disasters predicted more or less across the board by various astrologers are a new form of influenza, problems with transportation, or a plane crash.  Of course there’s also the possibility that even being aware of the increased danger on this day could cause people to be more cautious and as a result not lose their lives in an incident that would otherwise have been brought about by a lack of attention to the warning signs.