Weekly Horoscopes 10/18 thru 10/25

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Your Free Weekly Intuitive Horoscope

                       Written by Rainbow Moon Under Sun

                                         10-18-2004 thru 10-25-2004



Aries, This week, With friends challenging conflicts will arise this week cause of something your significant other has started. Dispite these difficulties you will find leasure in completeing a project sucessfully that you had started earlier this year. You will be having a conversation concerning a financial loss of somekind.


Taurus, This week , Well I did warn you about the love triangle blowing up in your face. As a typical bull headed taurus you didn’t listen. So this week you will be busy trying to clean up the mess you made last week. On a more brighter note… Well never mind your going to be too frustrated from cleaning up your own mess you wouldn’t see it anyways.


Gemini, this week, I know you was only being playful.. But you need to watch whom your being playful with and know when to stop. You will get the snot knocked out of you by someone this week for getting on their nerves with you being a bit too playful.. So watch peoples moods and reactions so you don’t end up getting all bruised up. If you invest into the stockmarket don’t do it this week or you very well could be crying all the way to bankruptcy court.


Cancer, This week, Roses are red violets are blue, you will get a small gift this week, but hey! it isn’t new. Just remember another mans junk is another man’s treasure, and hey …. at least they thought of you right?  Use extra caution when locking any type of doors this week making sure your keys to get back in are still with you or it maybe lock smith time this week.


Leo, This week, Man when are you going to learn? Here you just got out of a relationship and now your all hot and heavily panting over someone else. Why not use some of that energy to get off your butt and look for the job of your dreams? Cause all though you currently have help in paying your bills thru the ex the gravy train is about to stop ! Get your hormones in check and concentrate on bettering your own situation this week so you can stand on your own two feet whether someone is around to help or not. Becoming more independant and building self esteem will help in aiding you n becoming involved in healthier relationships.


Virgo, This week, You have been and will be a little distracted this week with a lot of things on your mind. Expect a family dissagreement over some minor bullshit that you actually start. Once you realize this you will feel ashamed. Becautious when driving around curves of running into construction on a major highway cause some dumb butt knocked over the upcoming construction warning sign, and since your on the cell phone or tuning the radio your not going to see it laying on the road.


Libra, This week, Happy Birthday to You his week, whoo hoo ! playing the lottery and scratch offs can pay off pretty decently huh? On wensday at 1:00 pm go down to your corner store and purchase a scratch off that you are drawn towards make sure to look over them all and the one your drawn to the most purchase 5 tickets. There is a 1- 5 hundred dollar win inside. Relationships with a family member you have been on the outs with will steadily start making some improvements this week.


Scorpio, This week, Happy Birthday to you too! Well since you listened to your dreams last week things are getting a bit easier this week to swallow. One of the higher ups at your job this week is watching your job performance so keep up the good work. You will get recognition for your good work by not losing your job in the cut backs That will be instated next month.


Sagittarius, This week , Your family will be more in focus this week with some quiet times at home. The family love is in the air. There will be the beginning stages of a get away planned soon such as a cruise or camping trip to just get away from it all.


Capricorn, This week, Your extravagent spending has got to stop or your in for a struggle all the way. You keep blowing money on your desires and not paying your bills. Stop it ! If you don’t you will be losing a lot in the upcoming weeks including the roof over your head, or your relationship.


Aquarius, This week ,The golden horse shoe has turned to silver you can still make a profit this week in investing money on friday this week but the profit margin won’t be as high. Romance will inspire several illusive moments with 2 different people.These 2 are either really close friends of one another or family related t one another. Man you like taking risks huh?

Pisces, This week, Your not feeling to well this week maybe even having respritory troubles. Finances are finally to where you will have some money left to save if you dont get too extravegant. You will also cut or color your hair this week maybe even both.