What is an Elemental Balance?

An individual zodiac chart will contain a number of planets associated with each element (fire, water, air, and earth) that sheds light on the behaviors of that individual. One can also look into how they view their own reality. Some elements are truly harmonious with one another, while others show adverse reactions in terms of the Moon and Sun. In this article, we will take a look at elemental combinations.

Before exploring elemental combinations, you should know that a strong emphasis on one or two elements found in the chart could lead to a deficiency in others, commonly seen in terms of the health of an individual. However, specific combinations of elements can help some dig deep into what makes their characteristics the way they are.

Fire-Earth: When this combination is working well together, the fiery energy provides a welcomed staying power for an individual. This is also perfect for someone looking to follow practical tasks that involve the earth. When the combination is at odds, the earth becomes a restrictive force on fire, where one could become quite volatile , a sudden outburst is not uncommon.

Fire-Air: While one may experience unstable bursts of energy, sadly, a burnout or complete mental exhaustion can also take place. However, it should be noted that this is a volatile combination. In regards to the everyday happening of the real world, such a combination is limiting. Yet, those who are seeking inspiration for new ideas and enhanced imagination , this is a good combo to take advantage of.

Fire-Water: Prepare of a bubbling over of emotions when fire and water are at odds. This doesn’t spell out very well for someone trying to tap into their creative energy (supplied by fire), which can flicker out when emotions get too strong. However, learn how to harness the combination when it is on a ‘high’ and you can enjoy a heightened level of intuition and flights of imagination.

Earth-Air: For the most part, earth and air do not mix well together, as earth tends to create a slowness and restrictive presence that doesn’t do much for air. If you catch the two in just the right light, you can enjoy a lengthy period of thought filled with productivity.

Air-Water: Does living inside of your imagination sound like you? Then, the combination of air and water will best fit into your life, as the two work together to favor this sort of personality. Sure, you will find that a lot of ideas will steadily flow , most of which are pretty impractical. However, it can produce a flow of putting your feelings into just the right kind of expression. Poets may benefit greatly from the experience.

Earth-Water: you never know what you’re going to get with this combination. On one hand, you could see dullness paired with a solid structure or hard work and productivity. Keep in mind that earth tends to produce muddy results in water, and has a tendency to restrict emotional expression, as well as create a platform for misunderstandings to run wild.