What Kind of Zodiac Lover Are You: Aries & Taurus

The zodiac can reveal many different quirks about an individual that touches upon various aspects of their life, including money matters, relationships, personality traits, and of course , love. Over the centuries, the stars and planets have been used as a guide in assessing compatibility, as well as pinpointing personal traits that could increase the chances of landing the right companion. In this article, you will explore some of the associations concerning love and dating that has come from studying the zodiac.


Aries is best described as the passionate lover, who goes wild when someone plays with his or her ears. If you want to get Aries’ attention, run your fingers through their hair or nibble at the nape of their neck. The tongue is another part of the body that simply sends the Aries lover crazy , therefore it is safe to assume that French kisses are readily welcomed.

Turning on the Aries is as easy as shooting a seductive glance or throwing on sexy lingerie. The color red is also appealing to Aries, so if you can find a nice silk robe or lace teddy , that would be perfect. When you’d like to use outside items to get you in the mood, take into consideration that the Aries is attracted to the sight of a single red rose, the scent of ginger, the taste of tomatoes, and the feel of leather.

When it comes to fantasies, an Aries is most likely to dream romantic thoughts that turn into fast and furious trysts. However, Aries likes to see himself or herself as the hero coming to the rescue. If you want a relationship that lasts, it is suggested to let Aries feel in control every once and a while. Overall, Aries is viewed as one of the most romantic and passionate of the zodiac signs.


When it comes to sensuality, the Taurus lover is leader of the pack. Want to drive this zodiac sign crazy , blow on their neck, tease their senses, or tempt their taste buds with some of their favorite foods. For a romantic evening inside, offer a heated massage or lay in a bed covered in silk sheets. Softness against their skin is a pleasure they enjoy taking advantage of.

Other turn-ons include food and perfume to set the mood. Perhaps, you’d like to embrace an aphrodisiac for your next session of lovemaking that includes chocolates, truffles, and scented oils.

A perfect fantasy for this sign may include a spread of exotic food and a partner that is willing to go to the ends of the earth to make their love last. In order to make it work in a relationship with a Taurus, don’t push them too far or try to make them hurry. If change is necessary, it is important to introduce a modified lifestyle in spurts. Overall, Taurus is seen as one of the most sensual and faithful of the zodiac signs.