What Kind of Zodiac Lover Are You: Gemini & Cancer

In this installment of zodiac lover analysis, we will take a look at Gemini and Cancer, where one has the gift to talk anyone into anything and the other who finds enjoyment in making their partner happy.


The Gemini lover is considered an expressive partner, who is often full of surprises. While they take pleasure in a mate that showcases a high level of sexual compatibility, it is the intellect that really pushes all the right buttons for this zodiac sign. That”¦ and touching between the ears, fingers, and toes, which can drive a Gemini crazy with sensuality.

They are often turned on by the light touch of a hand or anything concerning erotica. They are the type that enjoys the beauty of a soft porn tape and will most likely engage in online or phone sex for fun. Wearing a uniform during sex-play is a good turn-on for this sign, who also likes setting the mood with a swig of gin or talking dirty in the bedroom.

A great fantasy is to incorporate the virtual sex world into their plans and would be delighted if their lover asked if they would like to play with the video camera in the bedroom. Orgies may also interest this sign who is often looking to push the limits of their love-making. If you want a prosperous relationship with a Gemini , pay close attention to their words and bring out everything that will keep their interest. It is also good to have a knack for improvising.

Overall, a Gemini companion is the most vocal lover out of all the other zodiac possibilities for love. However, you will find that they lack the listening skills that can make you feel better at the end of the day. If you are dealing with emotional pitfalls or everyday annoyances, this is not the lover that will typically lend their ear in the middle of the night. Plus, keeping a secret is pretty hard for this sign. If you want to avoid the frustration associated with this personality trait , keep a friend close that you can pour out what is really on your mind.


Cancer is a caring lover, who ties in a whirlwind of emotions and homemaking to please their partner with the utmost respect for their feelings. Sentimental value is held high in the mind of the Cancer, who enjoys cuddle-time and simply watching a good movie while lying around in bed. Once you enter a relationship with this sign, there is no looking back , because you have captured the heart of a true romantic. They may become clingy and/or possessive and will not place their romance in jeopardy with affairs or separation.

Play with the nipple, breasts, or stomach of the Cancer to send them soaring to Cloud 9. They also enjoy feeling needed and a constant cuddle is always welcomed. To set the mood, the Cancer responds well to the softness of moonlight, water, seafood platters, grapes, and even avocados.

When they dream of fun time with their companion, a fantasy may include something with a great deal of privacy and romance. Settings usually incorporate water, which is common since Cancers are water signs. In order to make this an ever-lasting union, make sure to share your feelings and provide tons of reassurance for your Cancer love. It is also important to remember anniversaries as this is very important to this sign.