Why Asteroid Impact Won’t be in the News

In an unfortunate case of big media reporting not living up to the standards others expect of it and they constantly remind us of, little information has been reported of the massive meteorite that impacted a small Columbian community just barely missing a village that could have sustained tremendous damage.  And yet the media has buried the story claiming it is not big enough news.  Why is this big news?  Why isn’t it being reported?  And what are the details you aren’t likely to hear from the mainstream media?

The asteroid impacted Earth leaving a 300 foot crater in the ground that caused an explosion large enough to easily destroy a small village or cause considerable damage to a city block if it had crashed into a populated area.  The tremendous impact sent debris flying for several yards and the impact happened in Columbia just south of the United States and Mexico.  The fiery smoking pit left behind did not happen in a remote area, but was rather witnessed by hundreds as it streaked across the sky before exploding on the ground in Santandar’s Joaquin municipality.  The impact was so close that nearby villages reported shattered windows and car alarms being set off for miles.

And yet despite the fact that this massive object left a hole in the ground large enough to build a city block in, there was little to no mention in Western Media.  Why?  There are several reasons – not all of them pleasant.  Yesterday we brought you a story about NASA’s program to defend Earth from asteroid impacts such as this one.  There is a very real conflict between those who would like to see more asteroid defense in the world and those who suggest doing so is simply a waste of time and money.  With the media’s lack of interest in the program largely driving ignorance on the topic of asteroid defense it’s only a matter of time before a large impact hits the United States or Britain forcing them to make the issue front page news.

And it’s quite possible such an impact could happen within a large city or in a small town.  But if asteroid defense becomes the US’ sole responsibility, all the funding will have to be footed by the Federal government while the potential benefits will be enjoyed by the whole world.  And an international program for asteroid defense cannot likely be implemented without the sharing of sensitive military technology.  While it’s not necessarily a large conspiracy, it most certainly sounds that way when the facts are examined closely enough.

The asteroid impact in Colombia is big news because it shows just how regularly the Earth is bombarded by moderately sized asteroid impacts.  If the Earth is only a fraction land mass, and populated areas only a fraction of this land mass, then the observation of a meteor striking the planet might be happening far more than we think.  And when two major meteor impacts happen in one year, the possibility that something big could be coming in the near future is troubling to say the least.

The very reason the story isn’t being reported is not despite the fact that it’s big news.  It’s because it’s big news that would require quite a bit of change and investment.  And certain media outlets seem to be under the impression that the masses hate having to change.