Zodiac Compatibility: Aquarius Part 1

Finding love is hard to do when it comes to all of the obstacles that a relationship faces, but did you ever stop to think how much astrology and the stars play a role in the attraction you may feel towards the next person? In this article, we will tackle some of the perfect and not so good love matches for Aquarius including Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer and Leo.


First, we will take a look at an Aquarius and an Aries love match. The union will be fun, as Aries is attracted to the imagination of the Aquarius. Aries in turn brings passion into the relationship. Within this attraction, the two of them will enjoy freedom with and from one another, as well as a mutual love of the outdoors and adventure. Domination becomes a problem between the two. When this obstacle can be worked out, things will run smooth for these two.


As for an Aquarius and a Taurus, the Taurus will be quite annoyed with the carelessness of Aquarius, who is nonchalant when it comes to the subject of love. Aquarius will climb the walls when Taurus becomes jealous and shows their possessive nature. Aquarius likes to keep moving, while Taurus prefers to stay at home for the most part. Figuring out which one is more stubborn will be a hard part of deciphering the two within a relationship. This union will produce plenty of back and forth and not a lot in the future department.


When an Aquarius and a Gemini get together, they will find in one another great friends, as well as a great lover. Gemini is willing to engage in a give and take dance with Aquarius as they crave to try new things. They are both smart individuals, as well as quick with their wit. They are both able to communicate with a variety of people on an array of topics. Socializing is an activity they both share while keeping close to the outdoors. Neither one shows a trace of the green-eyed monster.


When it comes to a relationship between Aquarius and Cancer, you will find that Aquarius finds Cancer’s possessiveness as a turn-off. Although they will urge Cancer to relax, they never seem to do. Aquarius can be viewed as careless and “too affectionate.” Sometimes Cancer will feel as if they are not getting enough attention. When Cancer starts to complain, Aquarius will shrink. It is as if Cancer needs to be reassured that they are loved and want to be fully convinced. In the end, Aquarius may feel driven away.


As for Aquarius and Leo, Leo may be a little too into themselves to satisfy Aquarius. As Aquarius look towards the rest of the world, Leo is too busy being self-absorbed. In the sex department, the two will find a common ground, but these two are just too opposite to get things going for a prosperous future. Leo will constantly attempt to rule every situation, while Aquarius broods over the effort. As both try to be independent of one another, they look for this comfort in different places. Leo turns to an expensive lifestyle, while Aquarius prefers engaging in new adventures in life.