Zodiac Compatibility: Aquarius Part 2

In this article, we will look at the love matches that can blossom between the zodiac sign of Aquarius and others, such as Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. Interested in how the union between an Aquarius and a Virgo turn out? They both deal with the emotional aspect of things rather than the mental. Out of the two, Aquarius is quite optimistic, while Virgo tends to be a little negative. While they share an intellectual common ground, it ends about there.


As for Aquarius and Libra, the two will please one another in the bedroom, where Aquarius enjoys a ton of fun and games. Both share interests in theater, the arts, as well as music. Their minds are also an attractive part of their personality. As for parties and other individuals, they will enjoy these pursuits. Overall, they are good with one another and make a relationship that will last a long while.


When an Aquarius and a Scorpio get together, the flames are quite powerful and hot within the bedroom. The relationship seems to get a nice start, but soon cools when Scorpio becomes jealous. Scorpio is also turned off by Aquarius’ tendency to be quite unpredictable. The two are ultimately looking for different things in life. Scorpio wants a mate that is committed, where Aquarius wants someone by his or her side through bouts of adventure. When the negative qualities of both emerge, tensions flare. Aquarius is too restless and doesn’t display much emotion, while Scorpio is quite demanding and possessive. This may lead to Aquarius looking for love in other places.


Jealousy is not a main concern when it comes to a relationship between an Aquarius and a Sagittarius. The lovemaking and intelligence aspect of their union is quite satisfying, where Aquarius comes up with many new ideas and concepts, and Sagittarius keeps a positive outlook on life and other things. The two will share an interest in social activities, as well as new people and places. They both embrace unpredictability.


When an Aquarius and a Capricorn start a relationship, the beginning is the best part of them together. Where Aquarius desires freedom, Capricorn would rather dominate. When it comes to accepting opinions, Aquarius has trouble in that sense- doesn’t really enjoy much advice. Money is no object for Aquarius, where Capricorn wishes to save. It will be not too long until boredom sets in and takes over.


When two Aquarius hook up, there is potential if the two can smooth out a few bumps in the road. For the most part, they will enjoy a friendship with one another, as well as a good laugh. Many other characteristics cause attraction. When an Aquarius and a Pisces begin a relationship, Aquarius is attracted to the charm of Pisces, as well as their imagination and sensuality. For Aquarius, Pisces seems to want too much of Aquarius and that is when the problems arise. When demands get too much in the emotional department, Aquarius tends to go a running, as well as drives Pisces away.