Zodiac Compatibility: Aries

Traditionally, when it comes to an Aries, they are known for being adventurous, courageous, confident, as well as full of energy. So which zodiac sign can create a love match with the Aries, who also displays a selfish, quick-tempered, impatient and impulsive attitude?


Can two Aries enjoy a long-lasting, satisfying relationship with one another? The union will be filled with passion, but both will fight to be in the dominant position of the relationship. This will create heated debates, as well as intense competition. It is recommended to have outside interests and hobbies to keep one another busy so that the focus of their competitiveness is directed to areas away from the household and bedroom.


When an Aries and a Taurus get together, the two will share a relationship filled with sensuality. The Aries may demand a bit more spice in the lovemaking department, but there will definitely not be a lack of the romance. These two may bump heads when the Taurus prefers to stay at home and the Aries would rather tackle impulsive adventures. In the finance department, Aries may spend the money quicker than the hardworking Taurus can make it.


For a talkative relationship, an Aries should seek out a Gemini, which are both not at a loss for words. The lovers will share the desire to try new things and be on the move, which makes this one of the best matches for this sign. Unlike this match, an Aries and a Leo will be at odds, both attempting to lead the relationship. The romance will be thick, which helps to keep the two together. If both are willing to compromise a bit, the union may last.


When an Aries and a Cancer get together, the beginning smells like roses, driven by a shared sexual attraction between one another. Soon the scent of soured milk can be detected as the impulsive Aries and cautious Cancer begin to clash. Another match that is a no-go is between an Aries and a Virgo. The Virgo is too shy, while the Aries presents a bold attitude. They share different views on many subjects, including lovemaking. These two are in for a ton of fights.


In the beginning, an Aries and a Libra may hit it off, but the two opposites soon start to pull apart, making this a great short-term romp rather than a long-term commitment. A strong relationship cannot solely be based upon partying and socializing.


When looking for a sexual match, an Aries may consider a relationship with either a Scorpio or an Aquarius. For a near perfect match, a relationship with a Sagittarius may be just what an Aries needs. They both will share the same temperament, as well as enjoy activity and spontaneity. These lovers will enjoy one another’s company, as well as keep each other in stitches.


Money issues and temperament may become an issue when an Aries attempts a relationship with a Capricorn, but sometimes a long-lasting union can be achieved. The differences in the personalities between an Aries and a Pisces may add to a decent relationship.