Zodiac Compatibility: Leo

 With a birth date that falls between July 23rd and August 22nd, you will be associated with the astrological sign of Leo the lion, who is known for their generosity, warmth, creativity, enthusiasm, as well as faithfulness. Who will be attracted to all of these qualities and be able to put up with the bossiness, impatient and interfering characteristics that this zodiac sign brings.


When it comes to loving someone with the same sign as you, Leos create a long-lasting relationship with one another. Some may even view them as the perfect couple. They are passionate towards one another, as well as romantic. When it comes to handling business, they may bump heads a bit because they both want to be in control. With a little compromise, a great union can be achieved. A nice relationship can also be cultivated between a Leo and an Aries, who are well-suited for one another.


A Leo and a Taurus may face many obstacles because they both possess many different moods for the other to deal with. Leo tends to have less patience with Taurus, who may grow more pigheaded. Leo also spends too much money for Taurus’s tastes.  When a Leo and a Gemini get together, the sparks will fly right off the bat. They will also share a liking for social events, parties, as well as the company of their friends. But when Leo becomes too jealous, Gemini may feel turned off. If Gemini can keep their cool throughout the relationship; they may have a chance.


When a Leo and a Cancer strike up a conversation, they may find that they both are romantics at heart. Leo tends to look for am exciting partnership, where Cancer wants to get the most out of it and feel satisfied. Cancer will prefer staying at home to the Leo, who likes to romp about. There is a 50/50% chance of survival between these two. A match between a Leo and a Virgo is not recommended. They will be at odds with one another on a variety of topics.


When it comes to a Leo and a Libra, they will both exhibit behavior to grab the other’s attention. This can either cause problems or fuel the fire in the bedroom (which is a good thing!) In this relationship, it is Leo who insists on wearing the pants. Making sweet music in the bedroom comes naturally for a Leo and a Scorpio, who display great sexual attraction between one another. But sadly, a relationship cannot solely be based on sex and Scorpios temperamental ways and Leo’s flashy ways will clash.


There are numerous qualities that a Leo and a Sagittarius will find in one another. Sagittarius is fun loving, while Leo is open to new things. They both will enjoy making friends together and the passion rarely dies out. In this relationship, Leo will be a leader, while Sagittarius remains faithful. A rocky road can be seen for the future of Leo and a Capricorn mate. They will both be unable to fulfill one another’s wishes  inside and outside of the bedroom. When a Leo and an Aquarius get together, they will feel for one another at first. When Aquarius starts to play the critical eye, this is when Leo wants to head for the hills. Although they like to meet new people and socialize, they may irritate each other in their approaches. For a match between Leo and Pisces, it tends not to work because the Leo is too wild for the Pisces to tame and Pisces’ life seems too sheltered for the rambunctious lion.