Zodiac Compatibility: Pisces

Born between the dates of February 20th to March 20th and you belong to the Pisces sign, which is represented by two fish. It is said that this last zodiac sign encompasses characteristics of all the other zodiac signs, so there shouldn’t be any trouble finding this individual a love match, right? It will have to be someone who admires the imagination, sensitivity, compassion, kindness and intuitiveness of the Pisces, while coping with the secretive, vague and often weak-will of the individual as well.


A nice relationship can be formulated between a Pisces and an Aries when both parties are willing to work at it. The sensuality of the Pisces works well with the variety that Aries brings to the table. Aries will be attracted to the affection and attention that Pisces shows their lovers. Aries serves as a protector to Pisces, but he or she will find fault in Aries’ quickness to criticize. Another pair that will progress with a little work is the union between a Pisces and a Taurus. The strength and authority that Taurus provides impresses Pisces. They also share artistic and creative skills. The only problem the two will face tends to be the practicality of Taurus bumping heads with the romantic Pisces.


Can a Pisces love another Pisces?  The sparks fly in the bedroom, but neither one of the partners involved can give the other what they need. A good match for sex and nothing more can be achieved. A relationship that will fizzle can be seen between the Gemini and Pisces. The wit of the Gemini is attractive to the Pisces, who displays a certain mystery that sends Gemini searching for the answers. But Gemini is fickle and doesn’t think much, which drives Pisces crazy. Gemini also dislikes the dreaminess of Pisces. Pisces doesn’t showcase any direction and Gemini is all over the place.


A Pisces and a Cancer brings out the best (sexually) in each other. Within one another, passion, sensitivity and tenderness can be achieved. Cancer will make most of the decisions within the relationship, where Pisces boosts the ego. These two will find a satisfying homelife within one another, making them quite a pair, unlike a Pisces and a Leo, which are too opposite for one another to stand.


When a Virgo and a Pisces hook up, affection can be found between the two, but the differences that they possess will soon draw them apart. For a relationship filled with fun, a Pisces should seek out a Libra, who shares the same affection, creativity and artsiness with the Pisces. But Libra cannot give the emotional support that Pisces craves. Libra tends to run away from responsibility. A long-term relationship usually does not last.


One of the best unions for a Pisces is one with a Scorpio, who will bring excitement, sensuality and deepness to the pot. Pisces will find the emotional support, strength, as well as someone to lead the way in a Scorpio. A special bond can be created between these two. The only bond that Pisces will find with a Sagittarius is the one between the sheets. And the magic stops there.


For a case of opposites attracting and working with one another, a Pisces will find comfort with a Capricorn. The strength and dominance of the Capricorn’s personality is something that Pisces seeks. Pisces will bring romance to Capricorn’s life, as well as an affection that is lapped up. They both possess qualities that work well with the others’. As for the Aquarius and Pisces, the sex will be pleasant and fun, but the relationship on the whole will be plagued by the freedom-hungry Aquarius and Pisces the homebody.