Zodiac Compatibility: Sagittarius

Represented by the archer, the zodiac sign of the Sagittarius represents individuals, who are born from November 23rd to December 21st. Traits that are associated with this sign include a love of freedom, optimism, humor, honesty, as well as intellect. Negative tendencies include carelessness, irresponsibility, as well as restlessness. So, who can deal with all of that?


Well, it for sure isn’t a Taurus, who prefers to be in charge of the uncontrollable Sagittarius. Sagittarians crave change and seek out adventure, while the Taurus tends to stick close to home and doesn’t quite like to try new things. The two will wear on each other’s nerves until tempers flare. A relationship with an Aries on the other hand may lead to a long-lasting relationship, where similarities are shared in sexual styles, love for the outdoors and a shared outgoingness. When disagreements arise, these two can quickly mend fences.


A Sagittarius and a Gemini are both restless creatures, who love adventure and to use their imagination. It is surprising to see that these signs are actually opposites, who may bump heads with the Sagittarius outspokenness and the teasing of the Gemini. Outside influences may pull these two apart. When looking for a great friend, a Sagittarius may find a Cancer the perfect candidate, as is the same with a Pisces, who will not be able to give what the Sagittarius desires within a relationship, but may prove to be a good buddy.


An exciting union could be built between a Sagittarius and a Leo, where the love life is definitely something to brag about. This couple will enjoy traveling, making new friends, as well as being in each other’s presence. Both know how to give each other space, which makes this pair a good bet. As for a

Sagittarius and a Virgo, a relationship may be short-lived. Virgo is too indecisive for the Sagittarius, who is guided by a desire for freedom. The Virgo also seeks a long-term commitment, which may turn off the roaming Sagittarius.


Sexual satisfaction can be found in a match between a Sagittarius and a Libra. The only differences the two will question are the homey characteristics of the Libra and the outdoor/adventure type that the Sagittarius tends to be. When looking at a relationship between a Sagittarius and a Scorpio, you will find that it will be quite difficult to overcome the differences between the two. Scorpio tends to keep in their feelings, while the Sagittarius is quite outspoken. Scorpio tends to also become jealous of the free-spirited Sagittarius. The relationship in the bedroom doesn’t get any better.


When a Sagittarius and another Sagittarius share an attraction between one another, the unpredictability of the two may pose a problem within a relationship. For a Sagittarius and a Capricorn, they both display different approaches in life. Capricorn may be a little slower to the end result, while a Sagittarius tends to be a bit more impulsive in choices. As for a Sagittarius and an Aquarius, the two share similar approaches to life and will share a bond in life, as well as in love that could last a lifetime.