Zodiac Compatibility: Taurus

Can a Taurus get along well with another Taurus? Do Leos and Taurus make a roaring match? Which zodiac creates the best sex match with a Taurus? These questions and more can be found in this article, which explores the compatibility of the zodiac sign, Taurus.


Like minds sometimes do not make a harmonious match, which is the case when a Taurus and a Taurus begin a relationship. Since a Taurus tends to be more of a homebody, the prospect of adventure between two lovers with this sign is slim to none. The sex may be great, but the possessiveness that both harbors may create rifts throughout the union. Financially, the couple will prosper since both should be hardworking, loyal, as well as fond of money. The main cause of a breakup may be the boredom that sets in between the two.


When a Taurus and an Aries get together, they may enjoy a fun relationship due to the emotions an Aries displays and the sensuality of the Taurus. Sparks may fly when the Taurus partner becomes a bit possessive, clashing with the spunky Aries. Money may become an issue as well, where Taurus prefers to save while the Aries prefers to spend.


When a Taurus falls in love with a Gemini, they will find differences within their temperaments. Tauruses are hard to change, therefore what may seem great at first to the Gemini, may soon turn into a turn-off in the long run. The habits of a Taurus may drive away the Gemini, who tends to like new things and change. As for a Taurus and a Cancer, the match may be a bit on target. Both lovers enjoy being at home and have no trouble expressing themselves within the bedroom. Money issues will not arise and overall, the two share similar hobbies, interests and needs.


For a relationship driven by competition and conflict, a Taurus should seek out a Leo mate. The needs of both partners are left unmet, eventually leading to a broken union. But if it is instant love that a Taurus seeks, a Virgo is the perfect mate. Intellectually, they are a match, as well as share a love of the home life. Financial issues between the two are nonexistent. These two will have the most in common.


As for a Taurus and a Libra, the romance may fizzle before it gets to a good start. Issues regarding money matters, possessiveness and sex may arise. Opposites sometimes attract, but do not last as long, which is the case between a Taurus and a Scorpio. Neither one of the lovers possess the will to keep working on their faults to make the relationship last.


If Taurus can tame the wild Sagittarius, a long relationship may exist. The easygoing Sagittarius may drive the Taurus crazy. The union may produce a ton of fun times, dotted with sessions of fighting and disagreement. It depends on how bad you want it to last when it comes to these two. A romance filled with sex is in the future for a Taurus and a Capricorn. These two share some of the same interests, including finances, friends, as well as security. The relationship may last for the long haul.


For a Taurus and an Aquarius, there is too much to deal with to work towards a healthy relationship. As for a Taurus and a Pisces, the hardworking Taurus may motivate the slower moving Pisces. In the love department, a Taurus is a loyal lover, while the Pisces will adore their mate. Passion is given from the Taurus and sensuality oozes from the Pisces.