Zodiac Lovers: Aquarius & Pisces

When it comes to love as it is influenced by astrology, what are some of the personality traits of certain zodiac signs that can affect they way they respond to the romantic advances of others. In this article, we will take a look at the typical love traits of Aquarians and Pisceans.


Why is the zodiac sign of Aquarius often referred to as ‘dispassionate?’ perhaps it has something to do with the high level of independence and unpredictability that the sign possesses. This means that whoever falls in love with an Aquarius will have to work extra hard at learning the quirky ins and outs of their partner. Are you up for the challenge?

Those who have embarked on this journey of love have found that once they have made the initial leeway , the tug-o-war of trying to get an Aquarius to commit may have a long road ahead of them. For instance, it is not uncommon to find an Aquarian who enjoys flirting with another just to make the point that they still possess a certain level of freedom.

Some individuals find that since this sign doesn’t possess any tendency to feel jealous , they are more likely to harbor an attitude that condones ‘free love.’ When trying to turn on your Aquarian mate , you may want to tickle at their calves or ankles to simply get a rise out of them. They are often turned on when someone lightly touches their body or they engage in foreplay that involves fun, such as body paint. Incense and candles also help to set the mood in the bedroom. However, it is important that you should prepare for the unexpected if you wish to survive a union with this zodiac sign.


Since Pisceans show traits that include the rest of the zodiac chart, they are viewed as romantic and creative lovers. They love to explore the depths of a true love. If you ever want to touch the sensitivities of this zodiac sign, you should focus on their imagination. Tickling the feet may also cause one to blush a bit as well. A Pisces lover is often turned on when they are in love and feel the affection of their partner. Being in the water is also a great turn-on for individuals born to the double fish, as this is a true water sign. You can also impress a Pisces by covering them in satin sheets and playing their favorite love songs.

Looking for other ways to drive your love wild? Perhaps a dozen red roses can help set the mood. Other aphrodisiacs that could come in handy include oysters, champagne, and even the scent of nutmeg. Perhaps baking an apple dessert could fill the house with just the right kind of mood setter. Some of the personality traits to keep in mind when it comes to better understanding this sign includes a soft heart, trusting nature, and a high level of sensitivity.

If you are interested in making this union last, it is important to remember that romance is the key to their heart. It is not uncommon to encounter individuals born under this zodiac sign as hopeless romantics who will plunge deep into a partner that they have fallen in love with. However, do not be fooled. Completely understanding the emotions of this sign could send you on a wild goose chase as they are generally complex.