Zodiac Lovers: Leo & Virgo

Any little extra help with your mate is much appreciated, isn’t it”¦even if the advice comes from above? Hundreds upon hundreds of people look towards the stars when they want help finding the most compatible love of their life. They also turn to the zodiac for helpful hints on how to please their significant other. The following information deals with Leo and Virgo as romantic companions.  


Leos are seen as proud lovers, who are turned on when their partner showers them with admiration and flattery. Stroking body parts is another way to drive this zodiac sign crazy. To get a Leo in the mood , flashing a bit of gold, feeding banana-related dishes (like banana splits and Banana Foster), as well as including sunlight into the picture are just some of the ways to pique a Leo’s senses.

When it comes to their fantasies, a Leo may want to become or enlist the help of a dominatrix. If you want to make a partnership last long, adore and flatter your man or woman, as this zodiac sign craves to feel special. This loving and faithful sign will reciprocate these feelings by elevating romance and sex in the bedroom. A few other pointers on living and loving with a Leo is to never betray their trust, as this is something that is not easily returned once the bond has been broken.

Since Leo is a fixed sign, routines really make them feel comfortable and safe. If you must bring change into their life , make sure that it is gradual. This means , romantic rendezvous need a little notice ahead of time so they are allowed to warm up to the idea. However, this can become a plus. Leos are usually faithful companions that are too prideful to admit when a relationship isn’t going right. They do not like to appear weak or unable to tackle a challenge , meaning they generally work hard towards making a union prosper.


The sensitive lover in Virgo goes wild when you touch the inner depths of their mind or run your fingers over their skin. Massage is one of the biggest turn-ons for this sign, which is also very much into erotica. The sky is the limit if you are able to nibble and tickle the toes for your lover. Sometimes dressing in a seductive uniform or engaging in role playing is a good way to add spice to your relationship.

As you scan the kitchen cupboard or hall closet for props to add life to bedroom activities, ginseng, celery, rubber, and even soap and water have been things that seem to traditionally appeal to the sense of this zodiac sign. A perfect fantasy to indulge in would include the bathroom as a scene, creating movie magic with your own adult film escapade, or even explore the possibilities of an innocent orgy. When you are looking for ways on how to make your relationship work , Virgo tends to respond well to things that turn out perfect. Therefore , setting the mood with elaborate details is a nice way to please your mate.

The majority of Virgo dives deep into their work and suffer a great deal of stress. This is probably why massage and other relaxation outlets often place them in the right mood. Nervous stress is quite common, but learning what your partner likes and dislikes can help melt away the worry.