Zodiac Lovers: Libra & Scorpio

In this article, we will take a look at the traits that Libra and Scorpio possess for when it comes to love and romance, including who has an overactive mind in the bedroom and who would most likely try to fulfill all the needs of their companion.


As the pleasant and charming lover, a relationship with Libra is best for someone looking for a fulfilling relationship centered on love. The care and attention associated with this love match includes the charm of a partner who is willing to present romance even after years of marriage. In a relationship, Libra works quite hard to make sure things sail smoothly. Early in life, it is not uncommon to find a Libra that is a complete people-pleaser. Overall, they take pleasure in being romantic and love all of the things necessary to keep that flame of passion alive.

To drive a Libra wild , you should concentrate on their eyes, ears, mouth, lips, skin, and buttocks, as these are typical erogenous zones to stay on top of. Since Libra enjoys being in love , don’t forget to shower him or her with romance and all the romantic touches that so many take for granted. Sensuality ranks high in the mind of the Libra lover, which is something helpful to keep in mind. They are also most at peace when they are surrounded by harmony.

To set the mood for a Libra, the scent of perfume wavering in the air is a great turn-on. Candles help to bring the soft glow of romance into a room. Pop the cork on a bottle of champagne just to celebrate nothing in particular but the romantic feelings you share with your mate. Add strawberries for the perfect touch. Some of the fantasies you may want to indulge in with your Libra lover is the giving and receiving of pleasures usually considered ‘forbidden.’


Perhaps the scorpion has something to do with this lover, but Scorpio is often perceived as a jealous lover. You will also have to get used to the hidden and forbidden nature of this sign, which plays an important role in how they approach love and romance in the bedroom. The parts of the body that Scorpio best responds to is the groin, genitals, and other unmentionable parts.

Some turn-ons may offend some people, but they tend to enjoy acting out the things that individuals may only fantasize about. Massage is a nice way to make a Scorpio feel at home. They also like to explore issues of pain and power in the bedroom , are you prepared? Bondage and erotica also bring a sparkle to their eye , so you better get used to wearing that sexy lingerie or nothing at all in some cases. Other aphrodisiacs to please a Scorpio include lobster, leather, and pomegranates.

A word to the wise , the heart of Scorpio is often tainted with jealousy. If you make a decision that affects the trust you share with your Scorpion lover, be prepared to risk never gaining their unconditional love back. They are a strange breed that is unable to easily forgive or forget. Overall, it is important to remember that this sign is dark and mysterious , you definitely need an imagination to keep up.