Zodiac Lovers: Sagittarius & Capricorn

Who is adventurous in the bedroom and who is most likely to forge a romance that lasts a lifetime? All of these questions are answered in this article as we will take a look at common observations regarding the zodiac lovers of Sagittarius and Capricorn.


Sagittarians are known as adventurous lovers, as they are constantly entering a world filled with fantasy, where they long to escape a monotonous routine. You never know what will pop into the fantastical thoughts of a Sagittarian, who may have anything (like horses) making a guest appearance in a daydream.

As you seek out ways to turn on your lover who is represented by the archer, you will find that the sight of luggage and the cold drip of ice cream often turn on him or her. They also enjoy a partner who shares the same kind of thoughts and dreams. If you are ready to embark on an adventure that takes you to an exotic location, then you have found one of the ways to a Sagittarian heart.

Some of the common traits of this zodiac sign, which could help a mate better figure out the inner-working of their partner’s mind includes the free spiritedness of a Sagittarian. This means that many individuals born under this sign may find it difficult to commit in a one-on-one relationship. It is not uncommon to worry that your Sagittarian lover could stray. If you suspect any foul play , there is a legitimate cause for concern. However, innocent flirting is expected.

Remember, a Sagittarian is also known for being quite romantic and unpredictable in their love.  When brainstorming on the ways that can produce a long-lasting relationship with a Sagittarian , do not forget that they appreciate a companion that gives them a great deal of space and freedom.


The relationships often formed with a Capricorn have a knack for lasting a lifetime, and usually improve the longer a couple has been together. This is why this zodiac sign lover is known for its consistency. When it comes to fulfilling any fantasies that this sign may harbor, you will learn that they tend to daydream about settings that provide access to earthy surroundings that deliver hints of eroticism. Sometimes, an individual enjoys the roller coaster ride of submission and possibly”¦.punishment.

Want to drive this sign crazy? Keep in mind that typical erogenous zones include the back of the knees and touching their skin. Some of the common turn-ons linked to the Capricorn include the thrill of taking control and gaining power, the softness of fur, the sensuality of a good massage, and the sound of melodic music. Other things that have been known to seductively push the buttons of this sign includes money, classic perfumes and colognes, the taste of caviar, fine wines, and putting on a uniform.

When looking for ways to make a relationship with a Capricorn last, some suggest that it is better to simply submit to their desires with an air of grace. In regards to love, the Capricorn is one of the most reliable signs you will come across , as they are filled with a rewarding level of character strength that continues to influence those they love.