Zodiac Sign: Capricorn , Careers and Hobbies

Thinking about showing your Capricorn friend a good time and looking for activities that appeals to their sensibilities? How about taking them on a nice adventure? In this article, you will learn of a couple of places to take your Capricorn mate to enjoy, as well as a few hobbies the two of you may take pleasure in doing as a nice relationship-building exercise.

17) Colors that have traditionally complemented the Capricorn sign include dark brown, dark green, gray, black, and indigo.

18) Animals that have been associated with this sign include bears, bats, creatures with cloven feet, and of course , the goat.

19) If you are looking to take your Capricorn mate on a nice adventure that suits their traditional likes, you should know that walking in the hills or taking a hike is a great release for this sign. The great outdoors is the perfect place to put the mind of this sign at ease. This is why running in the open is a nice activity that many Capricorns have been known to do for fun. How many Capricorns participated in the New York or Boston marathon? Probably a ton. Dance, yoga, and golf are fun pursuits for this sign.

When looking for a nice hobby to suggest for a Capricorn, studying local history, pottery, sculpture, gardening, genealogy, and do-it-yourself projects. Reading is a fun pastime for Capricorns, especially when they are biographies or publications that deal with non-fiction history. A nice outing includes checking out the latest art in the museums or helping out with community service. Eating out is also a nice outing for a Capricorn. It is also not uncommon to find this sign a connoisseur of wine.

20) As a Capricorn, you may show a bit of curiosity as to what sort of careers do the stars see for your future. Traditionally, the ambition of this sign propels individuals towards government positions. Capricorns make great chief executives, civil servants, law enforcement specialists, politicians, and members of any other administration or government profession. The sign is also attracted to jobs as a planner, teacher, bank manager, and entrepreneur.

The sign also possesses a link to the skeletal system, making chiropractic study, dentistry, and orthopedic surgery a great possibility. Since the sign likes structure, becoming an architect, mathematician, geologist, biographer, or engineer is feasible. After retirement, the Capricorn is most likely to take on another role , volunteering is a great way to keep this sign busy.

21) Typical foods that satisfy a hungry Capricorn include meat, onions, potatoes, salted nuts, beets, spinach, quinces, and starchy ingredients. Sarsaparilla, wintergreen, and thyme

22) A house that has the following trees in its landscape will bring luck to a Capricorn: willow, elm, pine, poplar, yew, holly, and white oak. When planting foliage about the home , seek out pansies, ivy, red and black poppies, carnations, and horsetails to add color to the landscape of a property.