Zodiac Sign: Capricorn , Parenting and Children

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have children with your Capricorn mate? What about if the child you have turns out a Capricorn? These assessments of the zodiac sign for people born between December 22nd and January 20th are mentioned in this article, which also touches upon a couple of gift suggestions for when you’re stumped on the perfect gift for your Capricorn family member or friend.

10) As a parent, there are some things you may want to know if you plan on having children with a Capricorn. The responsibility of becoming a parent is something that a Capricorn takes very seriously. They create a set of rules and they follow them to a T , no matter how strict they may seem. Capricorns usually expect their offspring to follow what they believe is acceptable behavior. They want them to become fine citizens that respect their elders and set a good example for others.

Sadly, this type of addiction to authority can cause the bond between parent and child to weaken. Difficulties expressing their feelings and emotions to their children may emerge. A child may view their Capricorn parent as distinct with a certain coldness they can’t quite put their finger on. It is the achievements of the child that this sort of parent will become most interested in.

11) A child born under the Capricorn zodiac sign is often viewed as wise beyond their years. Early in life, it is not uncommon to see this child feel as if they must carry a heavy load upon their shoulders. In school, an environment that promotes conventional means of education is the best. This child also thrives off of competition and everyday challenges.

12) Need a quick Christmas or birthday gift for a Capricorn? A present that combines usefulness and quality is best suited for this sign. A couple of suggestions include a leather briefcase or a nice bottle of wine for a male, while the ladies may enjoy a dazzling piece of antique jewelry or a classic fragrance, such as Chanel.

13) The season that most sees a Capricorn the happiest is the wintertime.

14) As for the favorite day of the week, this sign is mostly associated with Saturdays.

15) Common associations with Capricorns include the number 8, knees, skin, skeletons, lead, platinum, law, and administration. Capricorns tend to enjoy things that are certain and strive to enforce order and rules. They enjoy a life full of regulation. However, when things get muddled , they are not too pleased. Capricorns also frown upon rebellious individuals and clearly dislike disorganization.

16) When looking for a nice vacation to spend with a Capricorn friend, don’t rule out visits to Mexico, Greece, Belgium, Brussels, and England, which may better suit this sign. Other places where the ‘goat’ is happiest includes mountain ranges, hilly terrain, low and dark places, rocks, and places full of thorns.

In the last installment of an exploration into the zodiac sign of the Capricorn, you will encounter a ton of great ideas on what to do to keep your Capricorn friend busy and happy. You will also learn the best career choices that traditionally fit the characteristics of this sign.