Zodiac Signs of the Famous , Leo, Cancer & Gemini

Geminis enjoy sticking their feet into a little bit of everything and exploring the unknown. In this article, come explore the celebrities born under this sign, as well as the crab and lion.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Symbol: Twins
Birthstone: Aquamarine

Geminis enjoy sticking their feet into a little bit of everything and exploring the unknown. With a vibrant mental energy, people are often drawn to this sign. Usually, the Gemini is busy making plans to move ahead of the rest. When taking a look at ancient Greek mythology, you will find that the light-footed messenger of the gods (Mercury) was associated with the sign. This god was responsible for sharing news with the world, which is probably why Geminis are constantly on the go, looking for new experiences, and craving to learn something new.

Famous Geminis: Naomi Campbell (May 22); Drew Carey (May 23); Bob Dylan (May 24); Miles Davis (May 25); Helena Bonham-Carter (May 26); Lenny Kravitz (May 26); Pam Grier (May 26); Kylie Minogue (May 28); John F. Kennedy (May 29); Wynonna Judd (May 30); Brooke Shields (May 31); Clint Eastwood (May 31); Alanis Morissette (June 1); Heidi Klum (June 1); Marilyn Monroe (June 1); and Morgan Freeman (June 1).  

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Moon
Symbol: Crab
Birthstone: Moonstone

A Cancer may spend his or her entire life searching for reassurance and intimacy that lasts and lasts. Often, they succumb to bouts of moodiness when things do not go their way. Safety is a big deal with the Cancer, who wishes to gain balance with their emotions, spirituality, romance, and finances. They are known for their compassionate nature and caring of family and friends. However, when jealousy emerges or a ‘bad’ mood , they can lash out with vindictiveness and meanness when feeling pushed into a corner.

Famous Cancers: Prince William (June 21); Cyndi Lauper (June 22); Kris Kristofferson (June 22); Meryl Streep (June 22); Carly Simon (June 25); George Michael (June 25) Tobey Maguire (June 27); Dan Aykroyd (July 1); Liv Tyler (July 1); Pamela Anderson (July 1); Princess Diana (July 1); Lindsey Lohan (July 2); Tom Cruise (July 3); President George Bush (July 6); Sylvester Stallone (July 6); and Tom Hanks (July 9).

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Sun
Symbol: Lion
Birthstone: Peridot

The Leo often feels as if they should be leading the way of family and friends. They want to become the brightest shining star in the sky and aren’t afraid to go after it. When it comes to this sign, individuals hold love in high regard, as Leos tend to think with their heart. Common attributes include charisma and a positive attitude. This has become a great way for the sign to attract a wealth of friends and future possibilities. When faced with hard times and luck , they usually rely on their good sense of humor and flair to pull them out of the dumps.

Famous Leos: Jennifer Lopez (July 24); Dorothy Hamill (July 26); Mick Jagger (July 26); Sandra Bullock (July 26); Arnold Schwarzenegger (July 30); Jerry Garcia (August 1); Yves Saint Laurent (August 1); Martha Stewart (August 3); Martin Sheen (August 3); Billy Bob Thornton (August 4); Dustin Hoffman (August 8); Whitney Houston (August 9); Antonio Banderas (August 10); Hulk Hogan (August 11); Halle Berry (August 14); Magic Johnson (August 14); and Madonna (August 16).