Zodiac Signs of the Famous , Virgo and Libra

As you continue to explore the ins and outs of famous stars and their zodiac signs, take the time to see if the description of Virgo and Libra fit the celebrities you have grown to know and love. Some of the movie stars, entertainers, and musicians to keep an eye out for include Billy Ray Cyrus, Dave Chappele, Shania Twain, Luciano Pavarotti, and Michael Jackson.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Element: Earth
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Symbol: Virgin
Birthstone: Sapphire

Virgos have a great interest in doing what is right and are known for being filled with compassion and a caring nature. In life, a common goal is to love with all of their might and have this love returned. Over time, Virgos have received a bad rep from astrologers, as they are often portrayed as narrow-minded or too persnickety. However, when meeting a Virgo , you will find that they possess an inner glow like no other. Often, a Virgo will showcase an undeniable confidence with they are achieving success, living a structured life, or fulfilling creative dreams.

Famous Virgos:

Dave Chappelle (August 24); Billy Ray Cyrus (August 25); Claudia Schiffer (August 25); Sean Connery (August 25); Macaulay Culkin (August 26); LeAnn Rimes (August 28); Shania Twain (August 28); Michael Jackson (August 29); Cameron Diaz (August 30); Gloria Estefan (September 1); Lily Tomlin (September 1); Keanu Reeves (September 2); Charlie Sheen (September 3); Beyonce Knowles (September 4); Raquel Welch (September 5); Rosie Perez (September 6); Adam Sandler (September 9); Sam Neill (September 14);  Tommy Lee Jones (September 15);  David Copperfield (September 16 Jada Pinkett Smith (September 18); and Jimmy Fallon (September 19)

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Venus    
Symbol: Scales
Birthstone: Opal

Consistency is an important factor in the life of someone born to the zodiac sign of Libra. In the end, if they are able to live a life that is free of complications and relatively easy. While a Libran is great at managing business affairs , they are often not so lucky in love or romance, as they often lack certain connections that help them foster strong relationships. Their creativity is mostly expressed in their work, where they are allowed to express the many different facets of their personality. However, in order to get along with this sign , never forget that the Libra is always in search of peace, harmony, and balance.

Famous Libras: Barbara Walters (September 25); Catherine Zeta-Jones (September 25); Christopher Reeve (September 25); Heather Locklear (September 25 Michael Douglas (September 25); Will Smith (September 25); Olivia Newton-John (September 26); Brigitte Bardot (September 28); Gwyneth Paltrow (September 28); Hilary Duff (September 28); Bryant Gumbel (September 29); Fran Drescher (September 30); Julie Andrews (October 1); Donna Karan (October 2); Lorraine Bracco (October 2); Sting (October 3); Susan Sarandon (October 4); Simon Cowell (October 7); Chevy Chase (October 8);Matt Damon (October 8); Sigourney Weaver (October 8); John Lennon (October 9); Luciano Pavarotti (October 12);Kelly Preston (October 13); Paul Simon (October 13); Ralph Lauren (October 14); and Usher (October 14).