Big Crash Caused By A 19 Years Old Man While Being Followed By Zombies

19 years old Jerimiah Hartline is definitely going to have a hard time dealing with the zombies chasing him, especially since he got arrested for stealing a 18 wheeler and causing an impressive accident. When caught by the police, the young man claimed that a team of moving zombies kept following him, but not without asking for his brains and soul. This is actually the reason wherefore he tried to get away by jack knifing a big rig. He was followed by the police on the highway, while he sometimes drove with more than 100 miles per hour. His escape was not successful, since the young man crashed the truck and blocked the highway. It is hard to tell whether or not the zombies got him too.

Once arrested, Jerimiah Hartline is now supposed to explain the whole happening in front of a judge. The accusations are very serious and severe for such a young age. Practically, he got accused of stealing the 18 wheel truck on a Saturday. He drove like a lunatic down the highway at amazing speeds. Even a small car is hard to control at those speeds, not to mention about a long truck. After a while, he lost the control and crashed the truck. He caused multiple car accidents along the way, while five vehicles were simply destroyed. Moreover, two victims got to the hospital in a very bad shape.

Jerimiah Hartline’s explanation involves zombies. The young man said he was followed by some zombies that wanted to eat his brain. They had swift and fast moves, while one of them was actually following him on a Harley Davidson. According to the eyewitnesses, it looked like a zombie has already eaten his brans. Otherwise, it is hard to explain why anyone would go that far with such an imagination. Other than that, the imagination is one thing. But acting like a lunatic and endangering so many drivers was definitely the worst part in the scenario.

Aside from the two severely injured victims, five more people got injured during the crazy race. None of them saw the zombies though. The police mentioned that there was unknown blood on one of the rear doors though. However, it did not look like coming from a zombie.

The 18 wheeler was jacked at a weighing station. It was fully loaded with strawberries. Minutes after Jerimiah Hartley crashed it, he tried to carjack a small van. However, the driver was harder to beat. He managed to hold the agitated young man along with a few other drivers. The highway was blocked in one sense until the police got there to fix things. The carjacker was very nervous and he kept screaming at the eyewitnesses to run away, since zombies are coming to take over the world.

Hartley is currently being investigated. According to some eyewitnesses, he looked like being on drugs, although he could speak in a very coherent way. He might be suffering from particular diseases too. Schizophrenia is defined through both visual and auditive hallucinations. All in all, the police officers will most likely come out with an official statement.