Is a Satanic Cult to Blame for the Horrific Death of a Dartmoor Foal?

While people in the United States have been hearing about the group of New York-based Satanists who recently staged a protest against the Westboro Baptist Church in Mississippi by performing a controversial ritual in a cemetery, the news headlines are now turning to a story unfolding in England. A mutilated pony has been found in a remote part of Devon National Park on Tuesday, and it is suspected that a Satanic cult is behind the disturbing end to the young foal’s life.

The horrific scene of a mutilated young horse is believed to be the handiwork of a Satanic cult that may have allegedly used the animal as part of a ritualistic killing. Evidence left behind at the scene of the crime suggests that the creature may have died at the center of a ring of fire thought to have been deliberately set to coincide with a full moon. To make matters worse, some fear that the animal was still alive during the ritual. It is reported that the two-month old pony was most likely dragged into a clearing, and positioned at the foot of a slope to face the full moon that had previously appeared.

To look at the dead foal, it is clear to see that this was not the work of a wild animal. The genitals and right ear of the pony had been sliced off. The tongue was pulled out, while the eyes had been purposefully gouged out. The belly region of the horse was also ‘hacked open.’ Traces of white paint found on one of its legs also points to the possibility that the animal was killed to play a role in some sort of odd ritual.

Fire is an element that figures in heavily with rituals of this magnitude, and circular patches of burned grass surrounding the carcass also highlight the fact that the creature may have been ‘sacrificed’ in some sort of manner. Experts feel that the burnt ground had been possibly caused by a ring of torches or candles. Because of the circumstances of the foal’s death, locals believe that the act is connected to “an evil occult or Pagan ceremony performed by Devil worshippers”.

The Livestock Protection Officer of Dartmoor admitted that odd occurrences have happened on occasion – especially when there’s a full moon. She stated that she’s come across “strange circles in the ground [and] boulders used as altars,” but says that finding mutilated animals is rare.

This is not the first time that Dartmoor and the surrounding countryside in Devon and Cornwall have been associated with Satanic rituals – the rumors of such practices have been passed along for years. Around the times of a full moon, the occasion is believed to bring out animal sacrifices that have included the death of sheep in the past. Usually, such occurrences have taken place during dates that coincide with the Satanic calendar, such as on the summer solstice. For example, a two-year-old horse had been discovered mutilated on the day of satanic animal sacrifice in 2012 – it was found with its right eye gouged, teeth removed, and genitalia hacked off after a full moon.