Mick Jagger Zings U.S. President Obama At His Concert In Washington D.C.

Although most of his fans are already used to his free spirit and straight thoughts regarding particular aspects of life, Mick Jagger keeps shocking the audience whenever he steps on stage. His last concert was held at the beginning of the week, in Washington D.C. Although it was held at the Verizon Center and not really at the White House, Mick Jagger did not hesitate to make a little joke regarding U.S. President Obama. The joke was clearly tasted by his audience, but it also raised a series of controversies.

During the first moments of his recent concert, Mick Jagger said that he did not think President Obama was attending the concert, but he was sure that he is listening to it. The joke was immediately spread around various social networks, including Facebook or Twitter. Multiple fans reported it at the same time with an obvious amusement. However, identifying the hidden meaning behind it can be quite rough.

Earlier in June, Mick Jagger clearly stated his position on Obama. He was never thought to be an enthusiast about the president, but his latest statements strengthened his position even more. From some points of view, his joke was nothing but a slight allusion to the fact that he was performing in Washington D.C. After all, there is nothing more popular in there than the White House. Therefore, there were just no better personalities or celebrities to make fun of.

At the same time, every Rolling Stones fan knows how noisy and loud the concerts are. When you are about to attend an old school band of rock players, you should obviously not expect too much silence. Perhaps this is what Mick Jagger had in mind when he made the joke. After all, the entire city was forced to assist to this performance in one way or another.

From a different point of view, Mick Jagger’s joke was also taken for a direct attack to the U.S. President Obama. A few weeks ago, the popular singer has claimed that he has always been a conservative, although he never really expressed his feelings about this domain. Just like he claimed it, he has always been a “closet conservative”. He has also admitted a very high admiration for Margaret Thatcher. The former British Prime Minister’s death has affected the entire world, although some people in the U.S. have actually celebrated her death. Mick Jagger said he was surprised to read such comments or find out about these thoughts.

His liberal fans will most likely take his statements for a hidden appreciation for the devil. It is hard to tell whether or not he will lose any of them. But after all, it is hard for such an iconic legend to depreciate with time. Plus, Mick Jagger has always been clear and concise regarding his thoughts, just like he was never ashamed to claim on his preferences and ideas. Therefore, there are no reasons wherefore he should stop blaming the current presidency or its actions.