Blurred White House Photo Raises Questions

In the wake of Barack Obama’s announcement that Osama Bin Laden had been killed, the world is doing what it does best after a major announcement.  It is investigating and examining all the evidence on the table related to the claim.  But a bit of evidence that made its way to the public eye comes in the form of a photograph that is clearly showing a photograph quite literally on the table in the White House.

The photograph within the photograph is covered by a layer of pixelation making it difficult to determine what it could be of.  But while the world waits for more information to come out about this historic event, there are more than a few curious over why this image in particular may be blurred out after so much footage has been released of the event.

Since it’s highly doubtful there would be a largely pixelated image on the table, we have to assume there actually was something there behind it all.  And after looking into the image we can see it has a roughly tan color.  It could have been some sort of map.  Perhaps a top down image of Osama Bin Laden’s home where he was hiding out.  The photograph was taken, after all, as they were in the final moments of the hunt for Bin Laden.

But the image shows a largely tan photograph.  Could this have been where Bin Laden was staying?  And if that’s not secret – after all, there have been hundreds of photos taken of the area since then and several have been released, then why blur out this one?

It seems there are two possibilities.  The first one suggests there could have been some sort of reason to suspect the location Bin Laden was staying would have remained secret after the fact.  The second suggests it isn’t the content of the photograph, but rather the means by which it was taken that is secret.  Could this suggest we have a highly detailed spy satellite even better than those we currently allegedly have?  It’s often been said satellite imaging technology exists far better than our wildest imaginations allowing the military to see through walls and even roofs – but this is often dismissed as pure fantasy.

Another strange fact is that the photograph directly beneath the first is indeed an aerial shot, but is not actually blurred out.  And on it we can see a detailed map complete with labels, roads, and even what appear to be fields awaiting planting.  Does this shed any light on what is turning out to be an overwhelmingly confounding mystery?  From the looks of it we may never know what was actually on this photograph – at least not for a few decades.

It’s always incredible to think of the technology humanity has devised in recent decades.  Indeed, the progress made is nothing short of incredible considering where we once came from.  But even this will be incomparable to the technology humanity has yet to develop.  And it will come with its own benefits as well as its own problems.