Boring Machine From 1972 Could Change Earth

Imagine a world where cities no longer had to be built, but could simply be created from the Earth itself and then populated.  Sheer walls and smooth floors of crystalline glass could be strong enough to withstand a sledgehammer beating against it and still provide the structural support of people.  And imagine these building could be built to house the entire population of the planet beneath the Earth’s surface for only a pittance.  Well that’s what one device patented in 1972 and strangely never used professes to be able to do.  The entire population of Earth could be housed and sheltered underground in massive facilities with little money down.  So why is it instead collecting dust?

It’s a tremendous claim, and of course has been speculated on much since it was first proposed.  The boring machine that turns rock into liquid slag and then jets it into a shaping system to create smooth walls at a speed of five miles per hour is tremendously tempting to those interested in donning a glittering jumpsuit and starting a new life reminiscent of Logan’s Run or even someone who might wish to have a subterranean summer home in the event of nuclear devastation or Mayan Prophecies being fulfilled.

Of course the device itself is also linked to several theories on the subject of UFOs.  But the potential applications of the device are in itself very tempting in a field where space may become a concern in times of economic stress and population concerns.  And imagine the benefits of building an incredibly high speed transcontinental railroad that can achieve speeds of over 350 miles per hour.  Unfortunately this is still only half of the speed of an average jet airliner, but the cost of fuel would be only a fraction of the cost of travel by train or automobile.  Furthermore, the vehicle could be used to bore entire cities, universities, factories and even sports arenas in a space that would normally be unused.  The citizens of these underground cities could live their lives unaffected by the affects of nuclear devastation and perhaps even exist entirely unseen by those living on the surface.

So it’s understandable why such a device could be a matter of intense interest for those speculating on the presence of UFO bases.  If a secret underground UFO base were to be constructed, a nuclear powered drill would be the perfect way to build it.  Particularly if you needed only a few people to be part of the operation.

Still, there are several devices in the US patent office that were never in fact built.  The existence of the patent does not inherently prove that even a working prototype was ever actually constructed.  It is as it stands now simply a machine of great potential (assuming it worked) that has thus far not entered the public eye and remains an untapped resource to be used only possibly in the future and as a platform for speculation.  But perhaps at some future date the dust will be blown off this patent and construction will begin on massive underground cities to be lived in as the population increases.