Brain Microchips Becomming A Reality

Brain Microchips

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Last year, in 2004, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of a human microchip that can ultimately monitor every detail on every human at all times.  There have been talk for years about the upcoming microchip and the mark of the devil, and I’m sad to announce, that time is rolling towards us.  In-fact, it may have already started.

Large United States based companies such as Applied Digital Solutions, VeriChip, and Digital Angel are producing these chips, and storing large quantities of them for future use.  The testing stage is already complete, and they already have a working chip being mass produced.  I’m quite confident these chips are already being distributed to patients and others, and a mass chip insertion is inevitable.

The brain microchip is often referred to as “the mark of the beast”.  The long standing theory is, During the decline of humanity the beast (evil) will leave it’s mark on most of the population. The beast’s mark is symbolic of the brain microchip, that will monitor human behavior, thoughts, and ultimately override free thought and free will. Those with the chip will be marked.

The chip can be administered in many ways, which would make it quite easy for the Government to implant in unsuspecting humans. It can be implanted in our food, drinking water, intravenously, or surgically.  This means the chip can be transferred from any needle or vaccination, flu shot, or anthrax shot. Any patient who has surgical procedures done may be vulnerable to the chip of death. It is believed the chip can also be inserted in foods or liquids and bind to the stomach lining.  

The Government is preaching that the chip will serve good. It will help with locating kidnapped children, medical records for emergencies, even prove people innocent with alibi evidence. There is no mention of malicious practices which we all know over-powers the good. Surely one can’t believe good intentions are the top priority.