Caduceus Coil Observations

courtesy of Ken Wells.


* Yuggoth Investigations

* Earthquake, Calif

* `Live Long & Prosper’

Caduceus Coil Observations




The first mention of Caduceus coils we had heard was in the Cater

book, `Awesome Life Force’. Cater here describes a `laser like

pulsed beam of soft electrons’ that is ejected from the coil, along

with other bizarre effects such as levitation. Cater states this

beam will radiate in a longitudinal pattern. A Vangard Sciences

document describes other odd effects when testing Caduceus coils,

namely space/time distortion and, again, levitation. Of course,

given these interesting descriptions, it just had to be tested.

The first tests were carried out rather unscientifically and most

haphazardly. A make shift coil was built from 20 gauge insulated

wire that used a 3″ rachet extension as a core. Three windings or

cross-overs were used. Pulsed DC at 9 volts was supplied to the coil

at an unknown frequency. Three VAC was measured across the coil. The

effects, however unconfirmable, are bizarre and worth mentioning to

educate further investigators.

The effects were: metal objects within a five foot radius became

magnetized and the tester received a quite obvious skin burn.

Needless to say, the negative effects were quite disturbing.

The second experiment used a 14″ iron bar with 19 windings. Pulsed

DC was used again at approximately 12 volts at an unknown frequency.

No burns or magnetism was experienced. The only effect which could

be attributed to this experiment (although there are no direct

linkages) was that the house became `charged’.

The potential in relation to the human body had changed and now

static shocks became annoyingly common. This effect lasted

approximately three months and then dissipated to a normal level. No

other unusual going ons were happening in the house at the time.

Recent Experimentation & Results


More recent and better controlled experiments with the Caduceus coil

were recently completed. Every drawing of the coil we have seen

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contained only three windings, so that’s where we began. The

first test involved the following components:

– 7 inch ferrite rod – 22 gauge magnetic wire

– 8 volt 22,000 rpm motor – 6 volt battery supply

– 9 volt battery – ELF Meter

The magnetic wire was wound around the rod to produce three

crossovers or nodal points along the core. The wire was then

connected to the positive terminal of the 9 volt source and the

pulse mechanism respectively.

The pulse mechanism consisted of the motor output rotor pole rigged

with a special circular fitting, half conductive, half non-

conducting. The connection to the negative pole of the source was

then broken and attached to copper poles which rested (with a slight

tension) on the motor output rotor pole. This produced about 2000

hertz, as measured by an oscilloscope. The waveform was distinctly

spiked, as would be expected given the source.

The ELF meter probe was placed approximately 7 feet from the rod and

left at rest. The meter detects low frequency EMF in the 50 – 70

hertz range, .001 milligauss to 50 gauss. Beginning readings on the

ELF were 1.2 milligaus. The setting was a garage (late night) with

the following mechanisms on: 150 watt and 60 watt lights, 1500 watt

space heater.

A compass was elevated and placed directly behind the coil to record

any magnetic field disturbances. The looped end of the coil was

placed facing to magnetic northwest. The coil was then energized.

No immediate effects were noted. AC voltage measured through the

coil was approximately .3 volts, much less than we expected.

Within 5 minutes time, however, the ELF reading had dropped to .2

milligauss. After eight minutes of time it decreased to .1, after

twelve minutes it read a steady .0 milligaus.

A noticeable decrease in the motor hum was noted after 13 minutes.

After 15 minutes of operation the coil was de-energized. The

following readings were logged after shutdown (nothing moved or


After 1 min = ELF .1

5 min = .2

10 min = .3

15 min = .4

20 min = .5

25 min = .6

The pattern repeated until the reading had returned to 1.2. Iron

nails that had been placed around the coil showed no signs of



An interesting psychic note: While the coil was in operation we did

a walk through of the field (the strongest effects appeared to be

within a 14 foot radius). One of the Yuggoth Investigators had

recently been through a trip to England and had observed and felt

the presence of ley lines, so the impression was still fresh in his

mind. He reported feeling a strong ley line within 1 foot of the

looped end of the coil. The line orientation was approximately


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To verify the dissipation of 60 cycle and harmonic EMF was linked

to coil operation and not a property of the 22,000 RPM motor, the

coil was disconnected and the motor ran for a equal amount of time.

No effect on the ELF meter was observed. This appeared to confirm

the fact that this dissipation effect was a property of the Caduceus

coil. This raised many puzzling questions. Could 60 hertz

(appliance) radiated EMF be canceled by the use of a properly tuned

Caduceus Coil?

Why had neither of the effects noted in previous experiments been

observed? What element had been key to the 60 hertz effect – wire

turns, input frequency, orientation, voltage or a combination of

all? We decided it was time to get serious. Since no other

documentation existed on the Caduceus coil, we figured it was time

to write some.

The following equipment was secured in order to put this thing

through it’s paces: – HP Signal Generator (1-990 MHZ)

– HP Frequency Counter

– Tektronics Oscope

– HP Function Generator

Our thinking was:

1) We had to have much better control over the input source

2) Needed a wider range of input freq/voltages

3) Needed to establish better testing of effect & coil

properties while energized

4) Devise some type of canary (as a means of sensing hazards)

5) Begin all over to answer the questions listed above

Number 4 came about because of a Yuggoth Investigator’s brother who

had stopped work to eat lunch. He didn’t realize he was perched in

front of a microwave dish until he began to feel a bit hot (powers

of observation not withstanding).

The point was well taken, but beyond the ELF, Compass, common sense

and the body’s ability to quickly transmit pain, we knew of no other

way to protect the lily white of our rears.

One interesting idea we had for measurement is connecting the ELF

meter, or alternatively a large wrap of magnetic wire, and use the

scope to monitor wave changes and increase the frequency range

available to us.

Frequency sweeping of the Caduceus coil is currently underway. All

progress will be made available as documented. We expect completion

by March.

* Yuggoth Investigations

* Earthquake, Calif

* `Never Leave a Corpse’