Cool Technology 2009: Cameras and Camcorders

When it comes to capturing high-quality moments in your life, a camera or camcorder certainly comes in handy. With the race to build the smallest, biggest, fastest, and brightest equipment, the number of cool technology gadgets and products keep springing up on the market. A few from 2009 are included in this article, including a pocket-sized camcorder with exceptional sound.

Zoom Q3

When you’re looking for a compact camcorder that doesn’t skimp on sound, the Zoom Q3 offers stereo microphones that adjust to capture more audio, and it doesn’t matter how quiet your surroundings. The mics also allow users to produce tracks that are in sync with one another, as well as with your footage. The cost to own a pocket-sized Zoom Q3 is $250, which comes with additional features, such as:

  • 2.4″ Color LCD Display
  • Compatible with both Windows & Mac
  • Accepts 32GB Cards for 16 Hours of Video
  • Ability to Record Broadcast WAV & MP3 Quality Audio

Pentax K-7

When capturing images with your Pentax K-7, don’t worry if your subject has moved out of place, buttons on this new camera allows you to reposition the sensor inside slightly up, down or to the side , without ever shifting your camera from its tripod. Resistant to all kinds of weather conditions, dusty environments, and the cold, the camera places the power of 14.6 megapixels into the hands of users. What is the cost of being able to conveniently reframe a shot without any hassles, as well as own one of the latest models of speedy compact cameras? Try $1,300.

Samsung TL225

Thanks to a 1.5-inch LCD located next to the lens, the Samsung TL225 offers a point-and-shoot camera that makes self-portraits effortless. No more asking someone to take a quick photo of yourself, and couples no longer have to worry about the goofy awkward positions of self-taken snapshots. The screen allows users to accurately frame a shot, but that’s not all. Get children to flash a natural smile by using the ‘cartoon’ feature, which places kids at ease during picture-taking time. Another convenience includes a display with timer countdown. The price for the Samsung TL225 is $350.
Samsung Zoom H4n

If you’re looking for the same quality of sound equipment that Hollywood big wigs have the pleasure of using, then look no further than the Samsung Zoom H4n, which provides consumers with the only handheld recorder able to capture four audio channels at one time. Audio comes from two built-in microphones and two mic (also known as instruments) that you can plug in. The result is a satisfying blend of ambient sounds and dialogue coming from two people. To acquire audio from a wider area, simply twist the onboard mics. Other benefits to owning the $350 Samsung Zoom H4n include a sturdy, creative design and professional-sounding results that please the best of musicians and podcasters.