Cool Technology 2009 , Computers

From making your Internet experience much easier to producing brighter colors for screens, computer technology is constantly evolving to keep up with the growing demand for ‘bigger,’ ‘better’ and ‘more efficient’. In this article, you will encounter the latest in keyboards, computer imagery, and touchpad laptops.

Ostendo CDM43

If you’re looking for one of the most expensive computers on the market, look no further than the Ostendo CDM43, which offers a 41-inch-wide curved display. Taking on the duty of several computer screen, users will also have the pleasure of wraparound views , perfect for the gamer at heart. The computer has unique software within that splits data from your PC into four images. Four miniature projectors are responsible for delivering the images, which are combined into one. The experience is worth the trouble if you can afford to approximately $6,500 price tag.

Cideko Air Keyboard

Don’t judge a mini keyboard by its cover. The Cideko Air Keyboard not only lets your fingers do the typing, but also provides access to a motion-sensing mouse and remote control. Simply plug a small receiver into your computer and the device becomes a portable wonder. You can use the keyboard from across the room to type, just by moving the cursor with a wave or by turning TV channels on a media PC. To enjoy this latest technological advancement in keyboards, expect to pay about $120.
Lenovo ThinkPad W700 DS Mobile Workstation

If you’re the kind of person who toggles between a million computer windows in a single session of surfing, researching, or navigating the intriguing world of the Internet, then the Lenovo ThinkPad W700 DS Mobile Workstation would make the perfect addition to your technology-related arsenal. A convenient button is all you need in order to unleash the extra LCD that slides out from behind the main 17-inch display of the computer. The results are undeniable , 40% more screen space for a more engaging experience. This Lenovo product will set you back about $3,660.
OQO Model 02+
When you desire brighter images and wish to please the environment by using less energy, the OQO Model 02+ is known as the first computer to offer users an OLED display. While one of the biggest perks is a 43% increase in color viewing when compared to other LCD-equipped computers on the market, the PC also comes with 5-inch touchscreen capabilities that consume 20% less power than its previous model. Interestingly, some people have likened the appearance of the OQO Model 02+ to a T-Mobile Sidekick. For $1,000, you will also receive a PC that weighs one pound (no including the weight of the adapter) and the option for a built-in Sprint or Verizon mobile broadband antenna for $149.