Cool Technology and Advancements: Cell Phones

RenewFrom changing face plates to outfitting callbacks with favorite ring tones , we sure love our cell phones. Whenever the latest models, advanced QWERTY keyboards, and improvements in manufacturing hit the headlines, a new buzz spreads , encouraging consumers to renew their contracts and trade up for the newest technological advancements for cell phones. This article offers some of the best moves in 2009.

Sonim XP3 Quest

For the adventurous consumer, traveling with a cell phone means a lot of potential bumps and bruises. However, the latest technological advancements and features allow the most rugged of users enjoy all of their activities with ease , from skydiving to rock-climbing. The Sonim XP3 Quest is one of the most durable of phones in the world, fashioned out of molded rubbery polyurethane that has the ability to absorb the shock of a 6-foot drop. For $500, you will receive a cell phone that is so strong; you can literally drive your car across it , thanks to a rigid polycarbonate plastic.
BlackBerry Storm
The BlackBerry Storm isn’t called a Smartphone for nothing and the company makes it easier for users to transport and use without the hassles that other competing phones possess. For example, there’s no worry when it comes to accidentally launch an application by brushing the touchscreen of the Storm. Simply tap the display to highlight the icons and firmly push down to select which one you want. Pressing down will depress the LCD sensor hidden behind your buttons. Features like the advanced touchscreen of the cell phone also led to its catchy slogan: ‘Press and be impressed.’

Nokia N97

For the consumer who likes a lot of gadgets, the N97 cell phone permits the customization of a home screen filled with widgets that displays updates of information on a constant basis. Whether you must keep up with the weather in your city or never want to miss out on a Facebook update, the Nokia N97 is a convenient option in communication. Other features to consider include a phonebook that offers nearly unlimited entries and fields, Wi-Fi capabilities, and 32 gigabytes of internal storage.

Motorola Motozine ZN5

For some people, they need a cell phone that provides a high-quality camera for all of their on-the-go needs. With the Motorola Motozine ZN5, you will have the pleasure of owning the first phone equipped with a Kodak camera. The phone comes with software that automatically brightens the colors of your images. Besides enjoying more vivid photos taken with your cell phone, Motorola has also included Windows Media Player 11, digital zoom lens, and a digital viewfinder in the Motozine. The cost to own this gadget is $350.

Other cell phones making waves in the technology market include:

LG Versa
Users can remove the rear cover of the touchscreen phone to attach an included clamshell case equipped with a full Qwerty keypad. This phone is $250 when you sign up for a 2-year contract.
Motorola W233 Renew
By using a plastic comprised of recycled water bottles, the Renew cell phone uses 20% less energy in its manufacturing. With a 2-year T-Mobile contract, the cost of the phone is $10.