Cool Technology Gadgets: For Music

With iPods leading the way in the world of media players, Microsoft has been trying in vain to keep up with the leader of the pack. Nowadays, Zune portable media players may have a fighting chance to put a dent in the market with the inclusion of the Tegra chip by Nvidia. In this article, you will learn more about the Tegra Chip, as well as other music-related gadgets.

Microsoft Zune HD with Tegra Chip

Luckily, the Microsoft Zune HD is the first gadget to showcase the sophistication of the Tegra chip, which is gaining a reputation as the most powerful of ultra-low-energy processors. With the chip, the Zune is able to decipher high-definition video for playback on a standard-def OLED screen. It can also transfer video in full HD for play on your TV.
In the future, many phones and netbook computers will reply on Tegra chips. Look for the next version of the Nintendo DS to showcase the chip as well , with an anticipated launch date for sometime around fall of 2010. If you’re lucky enough to attend the Mobile World Congress show, you may experience new advancements from Nvidia in February 2010.

Freestyle Audio FA300

For around $80, the clarity of the MP3 player even withstands direct sunlight. The Freestyle Audio FA300 is the first gadget to showcase a Qualcomm color Mirasol screen, which uses reflecting light to create images so that they appear brighter than your surroundings. Keep in mind that the Qualcomm and Freestyle Audio partnership applies to the limited edition MP3 player called the Freestyle Audio Soundwave FA300. Other features of this gadget include Bluetooth support, 0.9-inch color mirasol display, rubber casing for protection, and is also waterproof. People looking to shop for eco-friendly products will also be pleased that the gadget uses less energy.

Shure SE115

If you are looking for really small earphones that still manage to output high frequencies just as good as larger selections, consider the Shure SE115, which possesses an interesting flexible speaker construction that generates a varied range of vibrations despite being smaller than its competitors. To enjoy this gadget, expect to shell out $100.

Sony X-Series Walkman Video MP3 Player

Starting around $300, the Sony X-Series Walkman Video MP3 Player gives you the quality you expect from a name brand and much more. Combining the capabilities of both music and video players, the Walkman uses a noise-canceling chip to create a musical experience that outmaneuvers surrounding distractions. Accompanying ear buds make use of a microphone that tests noises in your vicinity and then directs the player to produce sound waves that compete with its findings. No more inconvenient headphones powered by batteries.
iHome iP1

An iPod dock allows you to rejuvenate the charge of what may be one of your most prized possessions. The digital processors found within this iPod dock have the ability to deliver a boost to your compressed MP3 files. The processor will analyze tracks to identify and correct any gaps lingering across all frequencies. The result is sound more comparable to an original recording. The design and sound quality is highly rated, while the price tag for $300 may turn off consumers.