Could an Einstein Rosen Bridge be Used as a Weapon?

***image2**The object used in science fiction stories to break Einstein’s theory of relativity is known as an Einstein Rosen bridge.  Essentially this device would bend space to allow travel between two points to be instantaneous.  But could an Einstein Rosen bridge actually do more than simply allow travel from one point to another?  What if it could actually open up a hole in space for another purpose and actually draw matter through?

If an Einstein Rosen bridge were opened in deep space between two gateways (we can call them jump gates for simplicity’s sake) the vessel traveling between them could use the bridge to jump from point A to point B where the second bridge were opened, as the theory goes.  But since matter can pass through this hole, it seems logical to then conclude that such a device could also cause interactions between the different sides of the bridge.  And if a ship carrying a space-faring crew can leap from one side of the bridge to another with the gates opened in deep space, what if we created an indestructible Einstein Rosen Bridge near two stars?  The most obvious thing that would happen would be the gates would easily be destroyed by the massive gravitational pulls of the two objects.  But what if we could somehow maintain the bridges after the gateways were destroyed?  If these bridges stabilized, the result would be the smaller of the two stars being squeezed through the gate, compelled by the force of the larger of the suns.

Suns have massive gravitational pulls due to their massive size.  And yet if you add even more mass to them they can generate enough gravity to actually pull in everything, including light.  The result is what scientists call a black hole.  Planets nearby are sucked in along with moons, spacecraft, and whatever civilization was around them.  And if this happened, even radio and light transmissions to other civilizations would be sucked in.  Other civilizations would not get advanced warning.  They would simply see two stars disappear in the night sky mysteriously and forever.  Only the Rosen Bridges would remain, and it’s hard to imagine that even they would survive the intense gravitational maelstrom that would ensue.

This weapon of mass compression may be one that future civilizations have to contend with if they hope to survive.  The devices involved would be billions of times more powerful than even the most powerful nuclear bomb we could create.  But the Einstein Rosen Bridge could also be a source of limitless electrical power, if it could be harnessed.  A truly technologically advanced civilization could easily use these devices for good and the maintenance of their own civilizations and the civilizations of others around them, or they could be used ultimately to wage a war that could ravage not only whole planets but the cosmic waltz of the universe as well.  Of course the actual development of a working model for Einstein Rosen Bridges may be decades, if not centuries away even if it is possible at all.  Could we one day face a weapon that could destroy even the sun?