Eddie Current Propulsion: magnetic, gravetic, and harmonics


This report is Co-written by James Hartman and Wilbur Hartman on

August 18, 1991. (C) All Rights Reserved.


After researching the electro-gravitational methods of Thomas Brown

and other notables, we decided to go to work on the best way to get

magnetic, gravetic, and harmonics to work for us. The harmonics we

believe to be high points of energy, by which we draw on the lines

of magnetic force. Once focussed we may receive N – S polar power

along with the rotating earth.

We believe gravity waves to be harmonic. We call these gravity

waves U & D waves or moon gravity up and earth gravity down. This

can be visualized as existing between any two celestial bodies.

The principle can be used to produce intergalactic spacecraft.

However, it requires flinging away at precise angles from the host

bodies. This idea can be expanded on.

By using other celestial bodies at the proper glance angle, one can

increase or decrease the craft speed. We believe the following

outline will be a good starting point for indepth and more detailed

research to come.

       Diagram 1
                                      : MOONS GRAVITY
                                      :   Constant
                 LINES           ___________
            S ----------------  /non-ferrous   ------------- N
                OF FORCE        __ disc ___/     Variable
                                      : EARTHS GRAVITY
                                      :   Constant
                                <------------ Counter Clockwise





Magnetic lines of force from the earths’ poles are induced into a

disc of non-ferrous material or upon the space ship at the same time

gravity waves from the earth and moon are induced into the disc.

These lines of force being out of phase create an eddy current into

the disc. This action will cause the disc to rotate. Lift is

produced by the cross action of the variable magnetic lines of force

and the nearly constant gravitic waves.

Counter-clockwise rotations have been known in gyroscopes to reduce

weight. Clockwise increases weight. A magnification of the gravity

and magnetic forces is required. In order to make this process work

an elaborate method must be interfaced.

A specialized transceiver must be able to tune into the harmonic

beat frequencies of both the earth and moon simultaneously in order

to draw on their energy fields, in this case gravity and reintroduce

them, magnified vertically across the disc. The electromagnetic

force of the earths’ geomagnetic field must also be allowed to flow


If the two are out of phase at a 70ø angle the system will work with

nature as its power source. Once the forces are allied (aligned?)

correctly the disc itself will act as a self excited motor. Just as

there are Horizontal and Vertical Radio waves so are the forces of

nature also set-up.

Building the transceiver should be rather simple. However, a

synchronization technique such as a field strength detection system

should be employed. This is why Flying saucers often fly at angles

rather then in straight paths.

Just as you align a receiving antenna so does the Flying Saucer

align itself for optimum preference among the field forces.

Electrogravitation is now in action, not unlike Townsend Brown’s

flying disc’s. However, this system uses a DC current acting at an

AC rate. Producing the Eddy Current Propulsion system. Townsend

Brown used a power source at all times and it consisted of pure DC.

This unit utilizes natural forces. However, during the start up

sequence or in case of an emergency, an electric or nuclear power

cell and gravitic cellular cell based on Townsend Brown’s

Gravitators should be added to compensate for energy swings in the

geomagnetic field or anomalies in the gravity fields utilized by

this otherwise self sustaining free energy system.