Electric Cars- The Shocking Truth Rebuttal

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Reply to Electric Car comments

I want to address a reply to private comments I made to the owners of this website about a public post describing electric cars as a waste of time. But that’s not what I’m going to write about. I have one word for that author… Tesla.

The brand name itself opens whole new can of worms, as expressed by these words written to me

Green energy may have the ability to save the world, but green energy also has the potential of causing much harm. Possibly even more so than fossil fuels.

The average human mentality isn’t ready for such powers, and if free energy was in existence, it would be abused. I can see it now, people will have their entire properties cooled by air conditioners in the summer, and have huge domes over their properties to keep it warm in the winter.

People would leave their windows open when the heat is running, (like what happens daily in apartments with free heat). People will not invest in insulating their homes, because heat would be free.

If we learned to take a common substance like water, and turn it in to heat, imagine all the escaped heat energy that will infiltrate our atmosphere. This, in an accumulative fashion, would have a much greater effect on the environment.

Yes, I do believe we have the ability to create good electric cars. Yes, I do see the good in free energy, But our world is filled with greed, and most people will ravage every last resource if it improves their own life.”

First, if we did have ways to generate unlimited clean energy, we wouldn’t need to keep the heat on in the house with the windows open, we’d be managing our thermal systems a lot better, we’d create force fields of heat that wouldn’t extend past a certain radius around a room… we’d have complete control of the temperature environment.

We’ve already done great harm, much more than fossil fuels, with nuclear power. Enriching uranium was probably the worse mistake mankind has ever made, leaving a legacy we’ll have to pay for and deal with for generations to come, that is unless, we in fact, come up with a zero point field solution!

To say as a species we wouldn’t be responsible with conquering the forces of the universe, I want to remind everyone that even though we have made a complete mess of things in the production of energy, we have yet to release another nuclear bomb in anger. This is testament to our realization of suicidal behavior. Might still happen, but I hope not.

Instead I venture to expect that if indeed, a better energy conversion science were to emerge from the deep confounds of secret military projects, that would replace all coal, oil and nuclear power plants… we’d kneel down in forever grateful thanks to the creator and the elements. It would save our bacon, and with it comes reverence!

We’re running out of time, responsibility comes with knowledge, since a little of it without wisdom can be a very dangerous thing. I think we’re nearing the end of our options, if we don’t come up with a solution this generation, mass extinction will follow. We need a miracle.

It’s not anything we didn’t already know… it’s something we’ve forgotten, we’re quickly rediscovering… we’re coming out of the dark ages… we finally made the connection between creation and electromagnetism… we are crossing the event horizon, we will soon know how to break away from gravity again, rejoin the rest of the intelligent universe.

But first we have to demonstrate that as a species, we can take responsibility for our actions, our violence, our hatred, the fowling of our nest, the destruction of our planet. That’s the New World Order, and to quote Paul Krassner, we all want one, we just don’t want it run by a bunch of corporate fascists. It is the Day The Earth Stood Still which was nothing more than a CIA sponsored mind-control operation which took a lot longer to bear fruit than anyone anticipated.

Free energy in a world full of greed, would end greed. It is because this energy is still held captive by secret cabals that greed persists… Imagine if everyone was free to grow their own marijuana? Overnight the greed associated with its dollar value would hold no more attraction than hording a stalk of broccoli!

Sooner or later, childhood ends, and you have to trust the child with the hammer… It might stab its thumbs a few times, but eventually they will build something! I’ve advocated the end of energy conversion secrecy since the Rally To End Secrecy on the Capitol steps in 1998. The wait is over. We have to take our chances.

We can’t worry about what may or may not happen with the release of this science, too long hidden. We have a planet with 7 billion people in need of energy, food, shelter… half of them are starving. The negative consequences of the secrecy surrounding unlimited clean energy is all around us already! It can’t get much worse than this.

It’s time to grow up, open the gates to Area 51, allow the people of this country access to the tool shed, so we can save what’s left. You can’t be afraid of the water if you’re going to learn how to swim.

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