Electric Cars , The Shocking Truth!


Have you ever wondered that the advertisements
and promotions you see on these electric cars look to good to be true? You are
indeed intelligent to understand that nothing can be this good , ever.  There is a price that you need to pay for
everything and electric cars are no exception. 
They are a big yes in the go green ventures and are a definite yes if
you want to contribute your share the environment and reduction in the pollution
levels of your city, but you sure need to think through if you are considering
buying yourself an electric car.

First and foremost the fact that you need to
think about is the cost of these cars , and the major contributor to this high
cost is the battery that powers your car. 
Given the economic downturn and the way almost everything is getting
costlier you may want to check if you really want to buy an electric car when
you have to redo your budget for a whole lot of other necessary things.  This makes you go in for the ordinary fuel
or gas propelled cars and tempts you to leave back the option of this electric

Talking of the costly batteries, the story does
not end with them being costly.  They
are definitely rechargeable and need to be replaced in every four or five
years.  This just goes to mean that you
will have to put aside some money every fifth year to buy new batteries for
your car that was supposed to cost you less than the normal one.  You may want to think if you want to really
contribute to the environment and society when you really have to stretch for
your needs as is.  This is definitely
not something that you want to continue to do for a long time.

Another disadvantage with this battery is that
you need to charge them very often. 
There is a particular limit that you can drive them without charging
them.  So, if you have the requirement
to drive long distances from your home to your work place or the other way
around, this is not the car for your kind at all.  You can’t even go one drive without charging your batteries and this
is surely of no help to you.  This is
not as easy as filling gas at a gas station, or a fuel refill that you can
do.  Charging and recharging these
batteries are a real hassle and that is the last thing you would want to do,
while there are other things for you to bother about. 

The pickup of these electric cars is also
disastrous.  So, if you do a lot of
driving long distances and if you need to turn around and travel quite a lot,
these electric cars definitely are not for you.  You will feel very sluggish and you get a not so good feel about
driving, so you may want to check this also out before you actually go in for
the purchase of your electric car.