Electronic Cleansing of Tissue

Electronic Cleansing of Tissue

by Jerry W. Decker


This is a “hypothetical” file based on observations, various books

and papers, discussions, my own admittedly limited understanding,

the file AGE7 and the file PAPIMI, (both on KeelyNet).

The entire idea is based on a very simple principle. We eat, we

drink, our bodies are SUPPOSED to process all the food, that is

remove the energy and some of the mass; which is converted into

tissue, and excrete the depleted mass as waste.

A truly efficent and optimized organism would not leave ANY waste

material in the body and would extract the MAXIMUM ENERGY from the

food or drink. What the body fails to remove, remains and

PUTREFIES, becoming toxic to the body. These toxins irritate the

tissue which manifests as disease. The disease then alters the flow

of energy in the body, loading the circuit as it were and helping to

detract from the creation of new, optimized tissue.

As specified in AGE7, these toxic buildups could be thought of as

the clogging of a filter where the body IS the filter. So, how can

we “backflush” this filter to remove the accumulations?

Nikola Tesla spoke of an “electric bath” to invigorate and help the

body to heal. This does not mean to imply a literal bathtub type of

bath, with immersion in an electrified fluid such as water, but

rather to be bathed in electricity from the secondary of a Tesla


We do have some information regarding “galvanic baths” where metal

plates are suspended in a bathtub filled with water. The person

sits in the tub and the current flows through their body as part of

the circuit. This is circa 1900 to 1940 information, so PLEASE


I must admit succumbing to a “test” of this principle to see how it

worked. It took advantage of a battery powered (9 volt) TENS unit

with adjustable frequency and intensity. I wondered if it would

work in a shower if the shower was “dense” enough (like me), so I

hooked up one electrode to the showerhead and the other to a piece

of aluminum foil in the shower base. This was then connected to the

TENS unit at about half power.

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Nothing happened. I did feel a slight tremor when touching the

showerhead direct, but nothing to write home about. So, I increased

the power to full (new battery) and again touched the showerhead.

My muscles locked in place and I could not let go! It was VERY

STIMULATING but I had no control of my arm muscles, stricture I

think they call it. But I finally broke loose. The after effects

were simply EXCELLENT. I felt very exhilarated and full of energy.

That feeling lasted for several hours.

The second attempt was with a bathtub full of water after reading

several papers on the “galvanic bath”. I used the same TENS unit

but at MUCH LESS power and with about 2 tablespoons of salt to

enhance the conduction. The effect was similar but not nearly as

invigorating. I attribute that to surface area because the arms

were not the primary method of current transfer as before, rather

the energy was through the water with the body being simply a part

of a larger conductive body. The power was increased and although

it was detectable, I did not “lockup” as with the earlier shower


The third attempt was when Ron, Chuck and I did our Zap Dallas

lightning show. We all tried standing on an elevated metal plate

that was connected to the secondary of a Tesla coil with an

adjustable power output. The idea was to shoot the bolts off the

hands. The top sustained power (for prolonged periods) was 900,000

volts normally; with one test at 1,000,000 volts (only about 5

seconds, that hurt!). The frequency was 170KHZ.

The emission of the high potential charges from the body created

quantities of ozone that were very stimulating. Additionally,

despite the “skin effect” contentions, there seemed to be some kind

of invigorating influence beyond that of the ozone. This was most

probably the ozone but I think there was also something to do with

the electricity or frequency. The point is, it was very stimulating

and that feeling remained for about 2 hours afterward.

So, is it possible to use “ionic conduction” to remove foreign

toxins from the body tissues? If you stood on a plate that was

“excited” by a Tesla coil and let the energy flow from your skin,

would it “takeup” anything loose enough to be considered foreign?

Would this include dead tissue? The tissue could be “milked” by

successive polarizations at the induced frequency. This milking

effect would dislodge and displace to the surface of the skin

(because of the energy flow from inward to outward) any loose or

foreign components and that might include toxins or dead tissue.

The overall electric output as it exits from the skin should NOT be

high enough to create sparks, SIMPLY A CORONA, so the amplitude and

frequency should be adjustable to achieve that effect. Although air

is the normal “ground” for this process, the effect might be

accelerated by using a metal collector that would act as ground for

the corona field.

The collector would function as the cathode for the accumulation of

any material that was exuded from the body. It should also reduce

the energy required to achieve the effect because of a controllable

dielectric, based on spacing of the metal cathode from the skin,

rather than just stochastic discharges into the air dielectric.

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Since waves travel longitudinally, that is, up and down as

compression and rarefaction, the depth of penetration of the signal

will be dependent on two factors, i.e., the amplitude and the

wavelength of the signal.

Pain would only be generated when the current was too intense and

this is regardless of frequency. The pain results from the

alternate polarization of the tissue, a jerking back and forth under

control of the charge polarities. So the greater the current, the

more intense the jerking and the greater the pain. In fact, it

could result in rupturing of tissue because of the amplitude of the

jerking action/reaction.

Now if we think of the wave as having a crest (positive) and a

trough (negative), that are equal in amplitude, the zero crossing

or “ground” reference would be the skin. So, the amplitude would

determine the depth to which the signal would penetrate the skin.

There are two types of energy involved here, one is current, the

other is voltage. Both are present in a normal Tesla coil output,

however, the Tesla coil puts out a much higher voltage than current.

Typical current values are in the microamp range, with voltages

ranging from 20,000 volts up to 2 million, though they can go higher

or lower.

So, we have an “envelope” that makes up the wave crest and trough.

That envelope consists of both voltage and current, so the higher

the voltage the larger the heighth of the wave, the more current,

the denser the field within that wave. We therefore try for the

least possible current with the best workable voltage. The reason

is to affect the majority of tissue, that is, to penetrate as deeply

as possible for complete saturation and the maximum successive

“milking” effect.

In Tesla’s work, he used high frequency, high potential currents

which created a “flame” type of corona as seen in some of the

photographs where the electrical currents were streaming from the

skin. This was not in the least painful because the frequencies

were high, the potential was high and the current was probably in

the picoampere range.

I have been thinking on this for several years now as an alternative

health technique that might prove beneficial. Based on our

experiences with Zap Dallas, there are safety considerations which

can be implemented to minimize the risk.

The basic idea involves using a tuneable Tesla coil to provide the

high frequency driving signal. It is similar to the Lakhovsky

Multi-Wave Oscillator which uses a multi-frequency broadband

electrostatic antenna that is beamed toward the subject.

The idea is that all tissue vibrates at many different frequencies.

When the tissue is in the presence of a frequency that resonates

with it, the tissue will be energetically “pulled up” to match the

amplitude of the driving signal, just like a tuning fork

sympathetically resonates with other forks or bodies of the same


Lakhovsky had astounding results with healing various diseases

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including cancer, tumors and a host of other viral and bacterial


Though a Tesla coil is MOST EFFICIENT at its resonant frequency, it

will still pass any frequency that is put into it, it is simply that

the closer the frequency is to the actual resonant frequency, the

greater is the output.

The way the Lakhovksy MWO works is to use a series of separated

concentric rings, i.e. one within another and with a gap in each

ring. The distance from one ring to the other determines the

discharge time and therefore the electrostatic frequency that is

emitted. That is how one basic frequency from the Tesla coil can

produce MANY frequencies…the secret is in the antenna.

As to producing multiple waves from a Tesla coil as does the MWO, it

is impossible because of the wide range of the MWO signals. They

span from about 3cps up to about 3gigacps (billion). However,

experimentation with the RIFE frequencies as well as various others

in the thousand or million cps ranges will yield the best results,

and we have not even mentioned modulated or nested signals.

The layout of the equipment would be

1) the Tesla coil (with optional tapped primary and secondary

to tune the coil to resonate with the applied frequency)

2) fed by a variable oscillator,

3) a non-conductive stand about 1 foot high to prevent arcing

to the floor,

4) a metal plate or pan of water which the subject stands in or

on to achieve maximum conduction of the signal.

The Tesla coil would ideally be battery driven for safety. The

subject would stand on the plate, while the assistant would operate

the power and frequency controls, all the while monitoring the

subject for any adverse reactions. Everything should be documented

for future reference. (An interesting file that describes this

principle for viewing the aura is AURAVIEW.ZIP on KeelyNet.)

Not only would this machine provide an invigorating effect to the

subject but it would also have health implications that at present

are only speculative.

I have yet to do this experiment but plan to do so in the future and

will report on any results, good or bad. If anyone else chooses to

try it, I would greatly appreciate your feedback.