Energy Conspiracy – The Motivations

We’ve all heard the claims at one point or another that there is a conspiracy to keep the energy field static so that any newly produced technical achievement would be censored to keep the status quo in their place and everyone else buying their products.  But often when we hear the possibility that the technology is being kept behind locked doors it’s easy to simply nod and look the other way.  What’s easy to forget is just how much is at stake for energy companies – and even nations when it comes to energy.

Perhaps it would be easiest to illustrate just how widely the world would change after a free energy discovery by reexamining the world after oil no longer mattered and looking at the potential both productive and destructive for a free energy device.

First, we need to understand that conflicts over oil do have a precedent.  Oil is the primary resource contested to keep a developed nation running or to help a developing nation gain independence.  Operation Barbarossa, for example, in the midst of World War II was heavily contested and resulted in several deaths from the bombing of the Baku oil fields.  This alone should illustrate how important oil is strategically.  But it goes further than that.  In fact, the military does require oil to keep itself running, and any alternative energy source that would power the army could remove a static and relatively unchanging area of infrastructure to give both production facilities and the vehicles themselves something to move on.  A change in the power structure like this could destabilize regions and be looked on by historians as the catalyst that brought about another world war.  And with the nuclear weapons we have today a world war could quickly rage out of control.  It may prove to be no coincidence that most post apocalyptic films and literature look back on the cataclysm as being caused by a lack of oil.  We often look at a lack of renewable energy as the catalyst to end the world – no doubt some have also considered the ramifications of the alternative.

While we often see free energy as a simple decentralized system to free us all from the grid, there is the possibility that any system that produces infinite energy well would work a little too well for those of us on Earth.  It has to be considered that the unleashing of limitless energy and making it accessible could also be used as a weapon.  After all, isn’t that precisely what the human race did with its last “free energy” system after splitting the atom?  What if the Manhattan project had resulted in a product that did not require a laboratory to build, but could be bought and used to power a car – and potentially be used to destroy the planet?  While it’s purely speculation, it is a question humanity may have to face in the coming century; a device easily constructed that could unleash more power than we could possibly imagine would change the world and make it prosper – or tear it apart.