Examiner tells Vancouver audience secret messages not created “by chance alone”

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Jon Kelly spoke to the Vancouver chapter of the Canadian Society of Questers on Tuesday night. Al Gore accuser Molly Hagerty’s
secret message connecting the CIA to a smear campaign against the
world’s most recognizable proponent of “man-made global warming” was not
generated “by chance alone” explained Vancouver UFO Examiner Jon Kelly
while speaking to the Vancouver chapter of the Canadian Society of Questers on Tuesday night. The video clip of these remarks is featured in the latest episode of Secret Message TV. During the talk, held at the Vancouver Maritime Museum’s J Torben Karlshoej Gallery, Mr. Kelly provided a panoramic overview of his numerous written and recorded works, including his articles on Examiner.com as well as excerpts from The Secret Message Report , Podcast Edition and Secret Message TV, both produced by the local Examiner.

Earlier this summer, Examiner.com reported
how a then unidentified Hagerty had said that, “I felt very uncertain
if I’d be able to get out of the room without being accosted by [Gore]
anyway at this point. Does that all make sense to y’all? He then tried
another tactic as though he had very suddenly switched personalities and
began in a pleading tone, pleading for release of his second chakra
there, “There’s so much tension being held [he said].” Studied through a
mirror filter, this part of the statement reveals the reversed message,
We’re with Langley.”” Click link to hear audio. Watch the video here.

The article further described the method used to discover the
message, stating how, “In a study conducted by a private Vancouver-based
audio lab with an international reputation
for detecting unconscious communications, the anonymous accuser’s
statements were recorded while charting a graph representing the signal
from her voice where x = time and y = frequency. The computer-generated
chart was then reflected through the y axis where the mirrored signal
was subject to monitoring in an attempt to detect intelligent
communications. This procedure was conducted in compliance with the
study produced by Kourosh Saberi and David R. Perrott published
as “Cognitive restoration of reversed speech”, in Nature 398 (29 April
1999) 760. Regarding their observations, the authors stated that, “We
have studied the intelligibility of speech, and find it is resistant to
time reversal of local segments of a spoken sentence”. Unconscious
communications detected while following this procedure are related to
common phenomena that include Freudian slips, sleep talking and body
language. In the context of UFO discovery and exploration for
educational, scientific and artistic purposes these messages provide
sonic gateways to deep experiential knowledge beyond the limits of
conscious awareness.”

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