Gravitational Propulsion Data Site

  The Gravitational Propulsion Data Site

This is to announce the formation of the Gravitational Propulsion Data Site. This site is formed from prior research in the field and contains a history of research and the prior Gravitational Propulsion Research Groups, which were on Yahoo and MSN. These earlier Groups were disclosed here, but have now been combined into the new ” Gravitational Propulsion Data Site  ” which can be found at;  http://gravitationalpropulsionstevenson.pbwiki.com/

This new site has the early Gravitational Propulsion Theory and Research Proposal free for the downloading by anyone on the net. You do not need to sign up to become a member or anything, just download Data to your heart’s content. It also has a history of the earlier Research and links to where old versions of the Groups can be reviewed. Also included is a page of Alternative Propulsion Systems Definitions, (and subsystems) for information review.



          and enjoy the new data,

                         Jim Stevenson


Graitational Propulsion Research Data