How Might Michael Jackson Inadvertantly Save the World?

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In the ongoing saga of strangeness, an inventor hoping to use photos taken of the now deceased king of pop has been looking into the possibility of selling photos of Michael Jackson to fund research in an engine that creates more power than it draws in.  If the engine were successful it would change the world as we know it and solve all the current energy woes as well as assure Michael Jackson would be remembered forever.

But the clean Earth may be more difficult to get to if the photos cannot find a home.  With Jackson now gone, the seller, Reginald Garcia, was not sure who to send the pictures to as CNN asked questions to the former photographer and inventor in an interview yesterday.  The photos are of MJ before his plastic surgery when he was shooting for a video.

The idea of selling one person’s image to generate power is interesting, and serves as a potential symbol of how our society treats image as a commodity like any other – even oil.  If a photograph can power a generator financially, then the game of resource management is now going to start taking into consideration the human element.  And so as the photos are appraised so will our options and ingenuity as a species.  But it won’t be the last.

On the other hand, energy concerns are something we have been contending with for a long time.  They are near the top of a very long list of concerns we may have about the future that could ultimately result in either a better world or not.  And if the energy demands can be met by a generator that essentially breaks all known laws of physics and writes new ones, then it would be not only the most incredible invention ever made, but also a powerful addition ot the anals of human history.  Imagine something so world changing that in 100 years Michael Jackson would be remembered as the man who made it possible rather than as a musician.  It’s strange to think of a world so different.

But Reginald Garcia isn’t the first to attempt to invent a free energy device.  Earlier this year two Italian Scientists from the University of Bologna claimed to have made a device that achieves cold fusion.  This has been the largest free energy debate so far this year as gasoline once again reaches up to five dollars a gallon in some places.  Cold fusion is a nuclear form of energy that not only removes the danger from other processes such as nuclear fission, it’s said to be entirely impossible by some physicists.  And yet it wouldn’t be the first time they were proven wrong if cold fusion turned out to be a fruitful path of research.  and if a chemically assisted nuclear reaction were somehow achieved, it would certainly find a world grateful that someone had looked into what so many said was impossible.

Energy research is one of the fasted growing fields of exploration into the laws of physics to map out the possibility of a new world where more people will be wanting a comfortable level of energy.  Once energy is solved, the sky is the limit for humanity.