If Nukes Simply Stopped

Last Updated on November 30, 2020 by admin

Recent interest generated in the UFO interference with nuclear facilities around the world has raised much controversy, but even now few are raising questions about the only scenario that could change the world even more than alien contact.  What if, through some undefined or as yet unknown mechanism the world suddenly found itself without nuclear weapons?  And why are some military officials convinced this is exactly a scenario that may play out in our lifetimes?

When asking military officials from any number of organizations why so many nuclear weapons are necessary, the general answer is an adamant, “We need them because they have them.”  Mutually assured destruction is widely considered the only deterrent saving the Earth from quite possibly the greatest and most dangerous scenario ever known in the world from playing out.  And with the new attention paid to a force that may be interfering with these nuclear weapons, is it possible that some day the Earth may no longer have the burden of nuclear annihilation looming over it?  How different would life be if the intercontinental military paranoia of the 21st century were to suddenly regress back to the conventional paranoia of previous centuries?

One of the most troubling differences that would immediately face the world would be the lack of nuclear retaliation for conventional military incursions.  And as the world becomes more accustomed to boasting across borders with military forces, tensions could raise safely between countries safely without the threat of the entire human race being annihilated being a factor.  Small wars, territory disputes, and international incidents could soon escalate into full blown world war if the circumstances prove to be just right.  Cold wars would run hot with new military technology, but no fear of nuclear retaliation.

One unfortunate casualty of a world without nuclear war would be the increased danger of biological warfare.  The world’s only “doomsday device” to come out of the cold war that could ultimately destroy all human life on Earth was surprisingly enough not actually a nuclear weapon, but rather an automated Anthrax producing war machine that would spread helium filled balloons filled with deadly bio chemicals all over the world in the event that the “switch” was turned on and literally tons of Anthrax would be released into the atmosphere.  Of course weapons such as these would cause the military to invest billions of additional dollars into studying vaccines and medical cures to biological weapons.

And yet throughout all of this, with nuclear weapons suddenly gone the international playing field would look disturbingly similar in many ways to the conditions seen shortly before World War II with alliances stacked like a proverbial house of cards throughout the globe.  Are we as a globe more acclimated and desiring of peace now?  Or are the world’s nations merely forced to conform to peace because of the presence of these weapons, rather than a genuine interest in peace.

If something were suddenly developed by one or more nations to make nuclear weapons universally obsolete