Is Solar Power Feasible?


Solar power is being acclaimed as the most
dependable form of energy for the present and for many more years to come.  Solar power is the energy of tomorrow.  The greatest advantage that this solar power
has is that it is based just on the sun and nothing else.  So, since the sun is going to be available
for a long time, there is going to be absolutely no dearth of this energy
source and hence this makes the solar power a very long standing source of
alternative power generation. However all is not well about this solar power
and there are certain practical difficulties in this regard.

Since, the sun is the single and lone source of
energy generator, there is a good fifty percent of the day when the sun is not
high up in the sky and hence during that time there can be no energy generation
that can happen , so we lose about half the hours available direct here.  Solar panels or huge, mammoth sheets are
placed just in front of the sun, and the sun’s rays comprises of many particles
like the photons and other ultra violet rays that are absorbed by these
sheets.  The photons thus absorbed will
be converted to solar energy.

While we discussed on the process of this energy
generation, we also need to know that the solar panels don’t just stop with
absorbing the photons.  They can’t
filter the photons alone and hence they are susceptible to damage as they
absorb the ultra violet rays as well.  Too
much of these heavy atoms and particles will definitely damage the solar panels
and then you would have to invest money on replacing these solar panels if you
want to continue to tap solar energy.

Also these solar panels are too huge and big and
sourcing them itself is quite an uphill task. 
It gets very cumbersome to assemble and set this whole thing up and so
the arrangements that are required for you to harness solar energy becomes a
very complicated task to perform.  And
more so, you will require huge and huge amounts of these solar panels to
extract very little solar energy and hence if you are looking for quite a heavy
quota of solar energy, then you would really need to plan for these solar panel
fittings that will lead to an optimum extraction of solar energy.

In spite of all these disadvantages, if we still
see solar power harnessing happening in some places, it is simply because we
definitely need an alternative energy source. 
Just like we tried our hands with hydro energy from water and wind
energy, we are just starting off our trials with solar energy.  However, the truth remains that at this
point in time, solar energy is not feasible to obtain , and that has nothing to
do against the harnessing of solar energy. 
It just goes to say, that we need to look at more cost effective,
process effective methods to make the tapping of solar energy a solution to our
energy related problems!