Italian Cold Fusion Has Familiar Ring

The claim by two Italian scientists that they have created a form of Cold Fusion that could result in free energy for everyone all over the world is certainly a promise well worth taking a closer look at.  But how convinced should we be at this point before models are reproduced and tested?  The answer may surprise you.

There’s no shortage of questions surrounding the two scientists who say that on a private enterprise they were essentially able to create a device that could be more powerful on Earth than most other scientific achievements ever made.  The claim did, however, come with very little in the way of hard scientific data, and could not be proven with our current understanding of science.  But then again if their claim was true, it would certainly not be beyond the realm of possibility.  After all, if their machine actually worked it would be only a matter of time before they were able to prove it and then start selling a working mystery product that created limitless energy.  And three months is the promise they make for when this possibility will become reality.

But how should we feel about it all?  Science has proven before that a device can be produced long before the actual science behind it is fully understood by mainstream science.  Such was the case with several inventions throughout history that changed the world.  And so, though it’s never been the case with something quite so technical, history has established that things can be invented without necessarily understanding the physics behind it.

Rather than speculating on why the device will or will not work, many have instead turned a skeptical but hopeful eye to the creation and said they will form their opinion only when the cards are on the table, not being peered over by the two inventors and entrepreneurs.

Thus far the only evidence they have released suggesting there may be something to their claims is the suggestion that their device in fact has been running a factory.  But when they were asked to see the factory where the cold fusion generator was being used they said it was a matter of strict confidence.  That alone may be enough to raise a few red flags, but inventors throughout history have taken great care with their projects and it can be understood why this factory in particular would remain secret as the revelation of its existence would no doubt make it a target for those hoping to steal the secrets involved in one of the prototypes.

Still, it’s difficult to be convinced at this stage when the incredibly important details are still being held out and the pair will be selling the products long before other scientists have “caught up” to their discovery.  And yet, the hardest part to believe is that this may be precisely how such an invention being unveiled might look.  But there is one definite thing we can confirm.  If the story about the factory running off the machine doesn’t turn out to be true, we can be sure this wasn’t just a mistake but rather an attempt to dupe the scientific community for profit.  Only time will tell.