Magical Body Healing Devices

The following document gives details on two curious devices which are claimed

to stimulate and heal the body. It is based partially on the work of Dr.

Joanna Budwig of Germany. Use of the device seems to prove out the contentions

of ‘soft’ electrons and ‘hard’ electrons, where electrons with an expanded

shell are soft, easy to absorb by living tissues and partly accountable for

phenomena such as weightlessness, rejuvenation, transmutation, etc..

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The enclosed space of a cardboard box is lined with a hardened, at least 1/4″

layer of acrylic in which 20 to 50% by WEIGHT of any fine metal powder has been



Manifests a continuous energy:

1) a temperature differential of about 1.5 degrees C.

2) sensations in the examining hand: warm, cold, energy, waves.

3) Liquids stored for 48 hrs. in glass containers within this condenser are

unmistakably “smooth” to the tongue, exhibit increased surface tension,

higher viscosity, an apparent specific gravity of 1.001

4) Boiling or strong electric fields dissipates; refrigeration is tolerated.

NOTE: Rust-oleum Spray Can “Copper 7714” is an acceptable (expensive) source

for this lining.


A normal subject (NS) imbibing 3 liters daily of charged fluids for 2 days

shows roughly a 30% reduction in basal minute volumn of respiration (BMVR),

eats less food, maintains stable weight. Voluntary breath holding time (VBHT)

increases over 50%.


A NS on a protein sparing modified fast, interrupted for 2 hours heavy

ketonuria, 1 hour post-ingestion of 1 liter of charged water.


Plants raised on the total darkness of condensers have green leaves

(photosynthesis), a further indication that the biotron is a fundamental

particle. (probably the aforementioned ‘soft’ electron)


Since O2 functions only as an electron acceptor, excreted as CO2, the decreased

BMVR and increased VBHT were the first clues of the O2-CO2 bypass. Only an

electron can do this. Suspended ketonuria, maintained weight, suggest

substrate provision also…(missing end of sentence).


Trapped from space by the myriad of metallic/plastic interfaces of the

condenser, this ubiquitous electron, here heavily concentrated for the first

time, might leave no “intermediates.” These, biochemists, knowing there is an

unaccounted for mitochondrial electron flow, assumedly from substrate, have

vainly sought for decades. H2 analysis is unavailable.




Light from a Satco Halogen Reflector Bulb (#S 3112, JDR-N, 120 V., 100 W), E-27

introduced at 89 degrees to maximize reflections into a 24 foot, 3″x 3″ wooden

“tunnel” wrapped around itself at right angles in maze fashion with inner

lining of vertically rib bed Mylar, exits after a potential 7 to 8000

reflections, primarily as an “electronic wind” that builds for 1.5 minutes.

Presumably, biotrons are sheared from protons after multiple reflections. These

generators far outstrip box condensers. If the biotron is pure energy flow,

needing neither electron donor nor acceptor, it should replace both substrate

and oxygen.


NS receiving (directly!) “the beam” 2 hours daily report less need for sleep or

food, increased mental alertness, body lightness, increased weight-lifting

ability. Highest redox potentials and gravitational effects may explain.

Evidently, homeopathic shaking laboriously arranges; Mylar reflections easily

arrange and project biotrons into multi-dimentional-sequential holographs.


Various decorative fiber-optic acrylics whose ethylenic-carbonyl sequence: C=C-

C=O, is present in co-enzyme Q-10, vitamins C, K, and (potentially) E, where

the biotron may resonate, have been found to be surprisingly strong emitters.

A biotron abates rancidity in oils, thus suggesting an in vivo delivery system

to desaturate body fats.

Evidence of dehydrogenation is seen in biotrons’ quick restoration of methylene

blue color in anaerobic preparations and in respiratory gas analyses carried

out on one fasting normal subject under less than ideal circumstances. A trend

toward lowering of the Respiratory Quotient has been noted. Control: 1.0 and

0.88; Test: 0.82, 0.83, 0.86, 0.78. Each value a 20 minute average. To date, no

reduction in oxygen consumption has been documented.

Holographic “zero dose” allergy/drug screening may now be feasible.

Bioenergetically, its biotron holograph may be tantamount to the presence of

any molecule (except H2O) in an aqueous medium. Should a very high dilution

homeopathy work, the biotron may be concentrated by innumerable sucussions

into disease-similar holographs patterned on the (departed) molecule; these

might resonantly attract biotrons of the disease holograph, thus erasing it.

Three earlier cancer researchers, very electron conscious, have been identified

who touched on this energy. Each independently claimed, decades apart,

restoration of cancer aerobiasis and was largely ignored. Only Johanna Budwig

of W. Germany remains alive and is untranslated: Komische KrÅ fte Gegen Krebs;

Fotoelemente Des Lebens.