Most Controversial Device in Physics Unveiled

Cold fusion has always been a subject of contention among scientists.  A cold fusion emitting device essentially could change the world single handedly and begin generating power without any of the normal negative associations with nuclear power.  If a cold fusion reaction were to be documented and then produced on a mass scale, power would be virtually free for everyone.

In a time when alternative methods of energy generation are being thoroughly explored, the announcement is big news, but the device itself will be under a great deal of scrutiny as well.  Cold fusion has been declared all but a miracle of science.  And the developer of a cold fusion reactor would be no doubt the recipient of many awards and the thanks of the entire human race.  In 1980 it was announced that two inventors, Stanley Pons and Martin Fleishmann had developed cold fusion, and the duo became an overnight sensation in the world of physics.  Unfortunately, their device was not thoroughly tested and their claims were never realized.  The announcement was one of the greatest letdowns in the history of physics according to those who wanted to enjoy limitless power generation at an affordable cost.

But now another duo, Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi, this time coming from Italy have made the same announcement saying their machine not only can generate power from cold fusion, but in fact has been generating electricity for a factory for two years now with no hiccups.  And by this announcement they are making a startling jump from mere speculation to reality.  No miscalculation or mistake results in power being generated for a factory for over two years.  And the duo is saying production and distribution is already in the process of taking place.  If Rossi and Focardi have managed to pull it off, then electricity could in theory become a struggle of the past.

And with free energy would come a great deal of other things.  It wouldn’t simply be a matter of whether or not we could turn the lights on at night.  Pollution immediately would become far less of an issue globally.  The desire for nuclear power by developing nations would no longer be a point of contention.  And if free energy could be demonstrated on a cost effective basis, then we would see a revolution in production the likes of which had never been seen since the industrial revolution first started.  Free power means free fuel.  Cars, running on cold fusion could foreseeably run indefinitely with little or no cause to stop.  Oil drilling would cease, and robotics would finally become cost effective enough to automate most things.  With robotics entering the construction industry, the need for human labor would practically vanish.  A whole domino effect could either revolutionize or collapse modern industry as power both figuratively and literally was displaced from centralized companies and redistributed among private individuals.  But has the device been invented that allows such a feat to take place?  If it seems too fantastic to believe, just think of the cost of information before the Internet.