Robots Are Replacing Humans

Robot, a Czech word meaning “worker” was invented by the Czech writer Karel Capek in 1920. His story is about robot and human interactions. It is the first known story about robots. Then many other stories about artificial beings began to be written everywhere in the world. At the same time, scientists started to invent new technologies which permit now to build real robots as described in these old and new novels. The first robots were machines known as automates. They could do simple repetitive tasks and were activated by a spring which was first charged by hands. Then was invented the computer, the revolutionary invention of our era which permits you to read this article. It procures us more information than any other mean invented in the history of mankind. The development of artificial intelligence permits to improve the behavior of computing system. Perception and recognition for example are now some inherent characteristics of robots. Robots are used in many technology and industrial area. They are able to perform tasks that even humans are not able to. They have more intelligence than humans when the domain is specific (Chess for example). New robots can also perform artistic creation such as dancing and playing music. They can also perform social behavior and for example be used as pets.

Today, 1 000 000 is the approximating number of robots used in the world. This term includes any kind of automates that don’t need any human intervention to perform their job and are able to learn. Japan is the country which produce and use them most. It exists 500 robots for 100000 human workers in Japan. The Germany and many Europeans countries come after. Interestingly, USA is in the last positions among developed countries. Robots number increased of near 30% in the year 2004 showing an exponential increase compared to the precedent years. If it continues like that, it will surpass human population quickly. Already, robots are able to create other robots, Hopefully a human mind is needed. But soon, artificial intelligence in combination with Internet will be able to know enough to perform mind thinking as humans do and later will perform even better. At this point (called: the technological singularity), robots will replace humans. But before this which will hopefully never happen, robots will replace humans in many jobs and occupations. All the repetitive jobs will be performed by robots. What humans will do then? Robots will progressively appear in all aspect of life and progressively become part of our social life.