Soundless Sound System Invented

Elwood “Woody” Norris has invented a soundless sound system.  truly an invention that marks the age of new technology.

The device has no speakers, or noise generating aparatus.  He simply points a metal frequency emitter at a person, and the sound gets directed to that person.  From what I understand one could actually control who hears the sound.  Sound can be directed at one individual person.

This kind of technology would come in handy in situations like, The husband doesn’t want to be bothered by his wife’s soap opera dialog, so the wife can focus the sound at her and leave the husband in peace.  Also lifeguards and such can direct sound at one individual person to achieve better success.

The invention won a $500,000 Lemelson MIT award for great achievement.

The device is said to transmit sound at frequencies the human ear can not hear.  When the sound reaches the person, it bounces and creates the correct sound.  People who tested this device say the sound seems like it’s being generated in their own heads!

If soundless sound is possible, it makes you wonder what other inventions are around the corner.  Slowly the building blocks of life and reality are changing.  Things that were once impossible are now becomming possible.

The mayan predicted by 2012 humans will surpass time with technology. It makes you wonder if this is one of the first steps.

Im sure many more awesome inventions are on their way, stay tuned to www.unexplainable.net for updates as they come out.

this story was published at http://www.businessweek.com/ap/tech/D89K5FU00.htm?campaign_id=apn_tech_down