Technological Singularity

A singularity is the point where facts become unknown and behave strangely according to the theorem which build the facts. In mathematics, it is the points in which no derivative are possible. In cosmogony, the singularity is where the density and the volume become infinite (black holes). Singularity is always unpredictable because the theories predict them as their limit. A black hole seems to not follow the general relativity theory, though it is the relativity theory which predict their existence. Technology is the invention of tools to help humans in their tasks. Technology start with the spear and fire. It is now computers, robot, cars, airplane… We almost cannot leave without technology nowadays. Technology evolves so quickly that each people generation doesn’t understand the next one. Indeed, parents often don’t know how to use the new technology even if their children understand them instantly. This evolution seems without end and always increasing. If it still continues to grow as it is doing now, a technological singularity will happen.

For example the computer calculus speed grow 2 times better each year. Accordingly to this fact, computers will beat the human brain in term of speed of process. Thus, an artificial intelligence could be created if good algorithms are found. It ll one day beat the human intelligence. Thus it ll be able to create an even better intelligence, etc… It ll be the end of normal human intelligence and probably the end of humans, at least normal one (the techonlogy will permit human to improve themselves). It is known as the Technological singularity. Human will need to transform themselves to be able to reach a greater intelligence. Computers will be the next evolution step on Earth, a new kind of living being. It ll use human as humans use animals. It seems a sad end. Probably, there ll be computer with enough intelligence to save humans for a slave state. Maybe Computer ll need humans for several tasks and a collaboration will exist between artificial intelligence and humans as it existed between human an animals. What the computers being will look like? Will they stay without form? Will their existence be only in a world network of data and communication? Maybe, a new world will exits for them: Internet. They ll need humans to keep the Internet working. But probably, they ll be able to construct robot which will work instead of humans unless humans have special abilities that computers won’t be able to reach. It seems improbable and it is only a question of time for computers become independent.