The Rise of the Machines Has Just Begun.

If the Apocalypse had a choice on how to exterminate the human race, then it looks like death by machine has just moved to the head of the class.  

Japanese electronics company Suidobashi Heavy Industry in Tokyo unveiled this past weekend the ”˜Kuratas’, a 13 foot tall, 4 ton super-robot that has the capability of shooting 6,000 BB bullets a minute.  But don’t think that the only way to control this bad boy is by climbing in to the one-person cockpit.  You can also control this robot by just using your 3g iPhone!

Engineers Wataru Yoshizaki and Kogoro Kurata began working on the ”˜Kuratas’ robot since 2010.  Equipped with a futuristic weapons system that comes with an automatic alignment system this machine will allow you to lock on to any enemy target and fire a side-arm gatling gun until nothing remains.  It has four wheeled legs that enable the pilot to have a smooth ride and has a top speed of 6.5 mph.  

Buyers of this futuristic robot won’t have to break the bank because the price tag for this death machine is set at £900,000.  Also, if you’re like most Americans and enjoy your morning Starbucks on your daily commute, for an extra £60 they can add a very nifty cup holder to prevent those nasty spills. Not digging the factory grey color of the robot?  Not to worry.  This “Terminator” comes in 16 amazing colors.

But probably the most tantalizing feature is the ”˜master-slave system’ the owner can have with it.  With the use of any laptop, tablet, or even iPhone, you can control this super-robot with utmost precision.  But beware of smiling with your new toy.  A smile feature in the cockpit will automatically fire the BB gatling gun, mowing down anything in front of you.  So be careful.  

People love how technology advances to a point where human intervention is almost non-existent.  While the ”˜Kuratas’ is a fascination engineering achievement, the ”˜master-slave system’ has to be the most worrisome.  If there is anything that science fiction has taught us, it’s what happens when the control we thought we had is gone.  What happens when the machine we created is taken over by someone, or something?  Or what happens when the machine just doesn’t need us anymore? I guess, now, only time will tell.

Source: Kuratas